10 totally honest headlines about WWE in 2016, which no one would have believed one year ago.

If at the end of 2015, somebody were to show you this image, and told you that it would be happening in 2016, odds are that you almost definitely wouldn’t believe then. Looping best-of-three-PPVs feuds are so formulaic that it is easy for some to shrug proceedings off as boring. Has booking really been that... Continue Reading →


Vince’s Revenge: Why Wrestlemania 32 was the biggest waste of talent that the WWE has ever staged

Remember the boos at Royal Rumble 2015, as it became apparent that 29 men were being wasted in favour of the future of Roman Reigns - a character that no matter how WWE have tried, will not be adored by wrestling fans. If you didn't think that their intentions were ridiculous enough then, Wrestlemania 32... Continue Reading →

Predicting Wrestlemania 31

My predictions of this year’s event were very poor, as I only got four out of the eight correct. Only three of my predicted matches, guessed a month before Wrestlemania even happened. That said, considering the result of one particularly shocking match (I wonder which one…), not many people would have scored any better than... Continue Reading →

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