Predicting Wrestlemania 32

Well, that’s it. All programming on the Road to Wrestlemania is over. We have all the proceeding evidence available. Therefore, it is time for predicting how Wrestlemania 32 will unfold on Sunday – aka procrastination season. Here is my shot. Team Total Divas vs Team B.A.D. & Blonde (5 vs 5 Divas Match) Who should win: Team Total Divas Who will win: Team Total Divas … Continue reading Predicting Wrestlemania 32

WWE Survivor Series 2015 Review

Survivor Series is the one pay-per-view of the famous ‘Big Four’ shows that WWE stage every year that is given the least attention. In fact, its relevance has faded away massively. Wrestlemania, Summerslam and Royal Rumble get as much attention as ever, but the novelty of Survivor Series is eclipsed by Tables, Ladders and Chairs, Extreme Rules, Night of Champions and especially Money in the … Continue reading WWE Survivor Series 2015 Review

WWE Smackdown made up for almost everything RAW got wrong this week

Two hours worth of pre-recorded WWE Smackdown, whether by providing the missing link to various feuds, or just better matches as a whole, has worked wonders to make this Sunday’s Hell in a Cell much more intriguing. Almost a masterclass in everything that should happen on Raw, instead of consisting primarily of soap opera promos over the course of a tiresome three hours. Sure, it’s … Continue reading WWE Smackdown made up for almost everything RAW got wrong this week