Delving Into the Pollard Pedigree

“When a man and lady love each other very much…” You know the rest. We all got the lecture. All … More

Live Review: Flaming Lips (London Alexandra Palace, 01/07/11))

This is a live review written for my own older and now discontinued blog on 2nd July 2011. As this … More

Interview: Kids in Glass Houses

Phil asks as we take a seat to have a talk, “Is this an interrogation room?” It really did look like one, as two chairs and a small table were set up underneath a dim spotlight. He assures interviewer Nick Pollard “Never mind. We’re friendly.”

Kids in Glass Houses drummer Phil Jenkins spoke to Electric Banana about the band’s scariest moments, touring, crazy fans and lubricant (of course).

Album Review: Bloc Party – Four

Several tracks don’t bother with verses, choruses and time signatures, creating jumbles usually reserved for prog-rockers, but condensed into sub-four minute chunks. They have a lot of fury to shake off, and they clearly have no time for principles.