Predicting Wrestlemania 32

Well, that’s it. All programming on the Road to Wrestlemania is over. We have all the proceeding evidence available. Therefore, it is time for predicting how Wrestlemania 32 will unfold on Sunday – aka procrastination season. Here is my shot. Team Total Divas vs Team B.A.D. & Blonde (5 vs 5 Divas Match) Who should win: Team Total Divas Who will win: Team Total Divas … Continue reading Predicting Wrestlemania 32

Predicting Wrestlemania 31

My predictions of this year’s event were very poor, as I only got four out of the eight correct. Only three of my predicted matches, guessed a month before Wrestlemania even happened. That said, considering the result of one particularly shocking match (I wonder which one…), not many people would have scored any better than seven-out-of-eight. So, what hope would I have, predicting the card … Continue reading Predicting Wrestlemania 31

Predicting Wrestlemania XXX… Again

Oh. Well, I screwed that up. On the day after Elimination Chamber, having not watched wrestling in a very long time, I decided to guess the card of Wrestlemania XXX, and the match outcomes. It now turns out that the majority of my matches will not happen on Sunday night. Punk didn’t return, The Shield aren’t battling each other, new star Cesaro who I thought … Continue reading Predicting Wrestlemania XXX… Again