Review: Perfect Pussy – Say Yes to Love

What they were doing to that poor pussy we may never know, but she sounds so pained that that is best kept a secret.

Wait. What do you mean that the grumbling bass wasn’t to represent purring? Or the constant screeches of feedback every few seconds weren’t their attempt at making their guitars ‘meow’? She is screaming about cats, right…?

Written for NOISE CANNON.

Review: Nina Persson – Animal Heart

A track may be entitled ‘The Grand Destruction Game’, yet it, nor any of its fellow tracks are particularly grand, nor destructive, and are far more relaxing than they are much fun. Persson may sing about titular animal hearts “thudding like a kick drum”, and screaming about the “bump-bump of the bass in a passing car”, but rarely implements them herself.

Written for NOISE CANNON.

Interview: Frank Turner

This is an interview with Winchester wonder Frank Turner. Conducted on the 29th November 2012, backstage before his performance at … More

Album Review: Bloc Party – Four

Several tracks don’t bother with verses, choruses and time signatures, creating jumbles usually reserved for prog-rockers, but condensed into sub-four minute chunks. They have a lot of fury to shake off, and they clearly have no time for principles.