Lemuria – Recreational Hate

Written for DIY Magazine. It has been five years since New York pop-punk trio Lemuria released their last album The Distance is So Big, but their new fourth album Recreational Hate leaves a lot to be desired, not least by its brevity – a concise, yet very laid-back twenty-seven minutes. Despite the ominous title, Recreational Hate isn’t nearly as terrifying as it first sounds, as … Continue reading Lemuria – Recreational Hate

Great News – Wonderfault

Written for DIY Magazine. Norwegian daze-pop trio Great News clearly wanted to create a debut album that sounded big. On ‘Wonderfault’ they sound as though they take great joy in having succeeded with little to work with, piecing together a surreal and psychedelic atmosphere from 1980s pop-style synth. Sometimes this creation process seems very literal, as is heard on the album’s title track, during which … Continue reading Great News – Wonderfault

The Wooden Sky – Every Child a Daughter, Every Moon a Sun

Written for ELECTRIC BANANA. In an interview, frontman Gavin Gardener said that “the lyrics came to me in a dream state”, and that certainly shows within The Wooden Sky’s signature celestial sounds. However, this is an alternative country-styled clash of a calm drift through the clouds and some nightmarish themes. Yes, alternative country. What could that possibly mean? Everything you might find in stereotypical country … Continue reading The Wooden Sky – Every Child a Daughter, Every Moon a Sun