Venetian Snares – Thank You For Your Consideration

No, Aaron Funk. Thank you. That paracetamol was only going to go to waste anyway, and when better to put it to use than after a hour-long dose of Venetian Snares’ signature maniacal daftness?

Thank You For Your Consideration is strangely sincere jollity, at least by the standards of Funk – a man behind such delightfully torturous and abrasive gabber and breakcore works as Meathole and Winnipeg is a Frozen Shithole. Despite Funk being in touch with his fans (after all, Thank You… is a free-to-stream, pay-what-you-want album in return for their support during personally trying times), this doesn’t make him any simpler to understand and follow.

The artwork doesn’t help much either. At least Winnipeg’s excrement smothered grenade, etched with the city’s name was (horrifyingly) true to its themes. But today we have been greeted with a bold, technicolored ‘THANK YOU’, dogs, rabbits, party decorations and so forth. However, within the first few seconds of opener ‘Smersonality’, the album is already defined as rapid jangling noise from a deranged wind-up lullaby toy, falls out of tune. This album does not belong at Rosie’s fourth birthday party. She should stick to the teddy bears. Venetian Snares and his new works are just that evil.

It is the same demonically satisfying drills to the skull that he is known and adored for. Breathing space is irregularly teased in five-second chunks, as strings, are allowed through before being angrily sliced-and-diced, and for something so erratic, is so intricate, the one can’t help but be drawn in. In fact, sometimes it’s even disappointing when tracks have already done away with multiple movements in the space of the first minute.

The ambient track ‘09sept09’ is the only time that one is given a moment to rest. However, that is not to say that it’s pleasant. This is what listeners have come to expect of Venetian Snares – horror film strings and screeches of a subway train compensating for the brief moment of accessibility. Does one really want to know what happened on the titular day of 9th September 2009? This unnervingly confused atmosphere continues from start to finish, as it collides with pure immaturity amidst machine gun bass – a track entitled ‘Burgershot’ repeatedly samples a voice saying “Spread the legs, spread the cheeks… now you try”. God knows where that sample came from. 

It is remarkable how something that in theory should blast one against the wall behind them, should be so immersive and cause such unease. Thank You For Your Consideration is about as brutal as ‘playful’ can get.


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