Twin Atlantic (Portsmouth Pyramids Centre, 14/10/16)


In just ten minutes, the plug is pulled on alt-rockers Twin Atlantic’s show tonight, to sort out a crush in the audience, before restarting a song. Not that that seems to upset frontman Sam McTrusty: “You are the weirdest crowd. It’s really keeping me on my toes. I like it!” It is no wonder that he likes “weird”, having just opened tonight with a screaming track entitled ‘Gold Elephant: Cherry Alligator’.

Sam continues: “It’s like an avant-garde paradiso exhibition. As if we have come to see you.” A bold statement, considering the band have been firing eighty techicolored lasers over the audience during  ‘Free’, and bathing the Pyramids in demonic crimson light during their fierce latest single ‘No Sleep’. They are definitely the centre of attention. 

In spite of that anger, they assign a short segment to acoustic tracks, including the solemn ‘Mothertongue’, which Sam performs alone. Drummer Craig Kneale signifies his return to the stage, smashing his cymbals on the final chord, as if to say that now the quiet part is over, they mean serious (and deafening) business.

The guitarist of support act Pulled Apart By Horses had already jumped from a tall stack of speakers, whilst their vocalist sang from the back of the crowd, so Twin Atlantic were pressured to be especially animated. They nailed it.


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