Monster Truck – Why Are You Not Rocking?

Hamilton hard rockers Monster Truck’s latest video for album opener ‘Why Are You Not Rocking?’ could not be any more appropriate. The footage  was recorded on Sunday 12th June, which for some people was Day Five of Download Festival. Monster Truck were there to open the main stage in deafening and furious style, already squeezing what energy was left from the crowd on the final morning. The atrocious, traditionally soggy British weather (apparently summoned by Babymetal on Friday, and hadn’t stopped since) had reduced Donington to a barely habitable swamp, vocalist and bassist Jon Harvey was accepting no excuses to the titular question.

“I don’t care about the weather, the band’s here to play.

I don’t care ’bout work tomorrow, I’m not going anyway.”

As a band who have been getting kind words from rock legends such as Slash, Dee Snider and Dave Navarro, for there allegiance to hard rock n’ roll, it is safe to say that Monster Truck are well and truly entitled to order listeners around when it comes to sonic dominance. That is so long that the rapid thrash and thud from drummer Steve Kiely, and the manic power of hard and heavily distorted guitar from Jeremy Widerman hasn’t won everybody over already.

Screw the final twelve hours of the festival. It takes just over two minutes to realise that your remaining stamina belongs solely to Monster Truck.

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