Milk Teeth – Go Away EP

The full length review can be read on the DIY website. A shortened, edited review can be found in the November 2017 issue of DIY Magazine.

Something has changed since the release of Milk Teeth’s Be Nice EP, and they do not sound happy about it on this aptly titled follow-up Go Away.

Lead single ‘Nearby Catfight’ is the Gloucestershire band at their simplest and most tongue-in-cheek. It defines their current style – a collision of their most frantic, though accessible songwriting yet, glazed with noise. One should expect no less of a song with a video which features a punk band playing with kittens. The sound of someone tearing their hair out, reflecting upon misery, just shouldn’t be this much fun.

Opener ‘I Stabbed You First’ is shamelessly morbid melodrama – “I took a pillow to its mouth, so it can’t breathe, but the fucker cuddled up right next to me”. Listeners never do find out what ‘it’ is. This is just one of three furious streams of consciousness, where Becky Blomfield’s voice has escaped before she has any time to think them through, let alone poetically explain herself. Next comes ‘Lilian’ – a furious rant about everyday life, which concludes on the dizzying mess of snare drums, feedback, and two overlapping voices, building to a screaming release in the final chorus.

Closer ‘Big Sky’ is much slower, and more reflective. Still, it’s nothing close to calm, instead it’s a grumbling, still ill-tempered comedown. Its lyrics tease us further about ‘wishes’ and presumably desire for change. If something about Milk Teeth is changing, then one can only hope this sound appears much more on their next record.


Milk Teeth seem to like my “lovely lil review” of their latest EP.


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