London Grammar – Hey Now

It is a sound like waking up to yet another day in the crumbling remnants of a war zone, but the ongoing distorted distant artillery outdoors are shrugged off by the eerily androgynous voice of Hannah Reid, as personal matters take precedence, and the tally of days that her partner has been missing, is added to. At least that is one way that the minimal lyrics of ‘Hey Now’, which is about as sparse and calm as a song, that features the scattered rattles of snares can be.

It takes until the song’s final minute for a full, looping drum beat to enter, yet the track is chilled out, ethereal and ambient enough that it seems almost wrong to call the track a build-up or crescendo. The deep humming of electronic bass and the infinitely reverberated pluck of guitars makes for a beautiful moment ideal for Reid or any listener to sink comfortably back into bed to.

It is now 15 months since ‘Hey Now’ was first unveiled on Soundcloud, and so it should take something quite special to hang about for so long, also as the opener of their debut album, before becoming the leading track of a new EP. London Grammar have no doubt achieved it.


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