Kerrang! Tour Presents Limp Bizkit (O2 Guildhall Southampton, 20/02/14)

Written for NOISE CANNON.

There was once a band called Limp Bizkit, who at least since 2001, nobody was allowed to like. Not in public anyway. Despite selling 40 million records, there may as well have been a burning stake ready for any critic who had a single positive word for them. Somebody enjoying this, without just laughing at the naughty words? What dark sorcery is this?

How times have changed.

As openers Baby Godzilla performed, drummer Tom Marsh refused to sit down, holding drums aloft, seemingly ready to throw them with full force through the stage floor. It is an accurate warning of the chaos that would follow at Southampton’s instalment of the Kerrang! Tour 2014. Tempting further hot and sweaty mayhem, Scorpion of supporting act number two, ‘goblin rockers’ Nekrogoblikon observes that Southampton is the southernmost ‘-hampton’, and is therefore the closest to Satan.

Headliners Limp Bizkit tonight, sound tighter than ever, and perform a furious, yet ear-to-ear grin inducing greatest hits jam.

Despite squashing a set into an hour-long slot, the overblown, excited karaoke-night-gone-horribly-wrong atmosphere meant that nobody seemed to takes issue to venturing out of their own catalogue, performing covers, from Metallica, Nirvana and Guns n’ Roses. They even found the time to take a request, tonight answering correctly to a crowd asking for the golden-age-of-1999 single, ‘Re-Arranged’, as well as throw in rarity ‘Stalemate’, just to, as Fred Durst describes “do something we would never do again”.

One fan got a telling off from the frontman for sitting on a friend’s shoulders, but probably couldn’t believe his luck, having been acknowledged by the Fred Durst, still brandishing his signature red cap. The clash of nostalgia, and simply being incredible showmen, made for unspeakable energy. All of the faux-rebellious teens of yesteryear, once playing Significant Other at low volume with bedroom door firmly shut, have grown up, and are no longer afraid to shout along to all “forty-six fucks in this fucked up rhyme” during swearathon ‘Hot Dog’.

Closing the show with a throat slaughtering scream of “come and get it” at the end of ode to playful violence, ‘Break Stuff’, at first seems a little strange. A ‘welcome’ at the very end. Yet it’s somewhat fitting. An announcement that there is still enough energy in the tank for more, had they not just hit the curfew. That they have no plans to disappear any time soon. That the second Limp era is only just beginning.

Or perhaps it just happens to be the final line of an awesome finale. Either way Mr Durst, if you promise to bring with you the same adrenaline-soaked rave as tonight, you’re all welcome back any time.


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