!!! (Chk Chk Chk) (Southampton Joiners, 17/02/16)

“It is great to support the legends Chk Chk Chk. They are so amazing. We love Southampton. You have so much great music, like Craig David. And the drummer from Coldplay.” It takes one very special dance-punk band for their frontman to be so hilariously condescending, and be their own support act (under the guise of Stereolab covers act ‘Stereolad’), all whilst wearing a dress of course, and get away with it.

Tonight there is no denying that by shoving a microphone further down his throat than is probably healthy and unleashing sweat-soaked fury upon a tambourine until on the brink of his arm falling off, Nic Offer leads Chk Chk Chk to more than forgiveness.

After all, this an image that is bizarrely defining of the energy and ridiculousness of Chk Chk Chk’s stage show. An image temporarily hidden as Offer soggily gyrated his way through the crowd and out of the venue (the densely packed, miniscule 180-capacity Joiners Arms) for a minute. His wireless microphone was pretty damn impressive too, as he could still be heard.

“Everyone keeps asking us why we are in Southampton. Well… what are YOU doing in Southampton?” Well, you came to blast the pelvic thrust-inducing tracks of your latest album As If for eighty-minutes, in the most funkily, brutally noisy way that one can still call ‘a disco’, and boy did you succeed. In answer to your question, visitors to Southampton tonight are clearly very glad that you did.

“Oh. And I’m getting paid.” Deservedly so, Nic.


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