Bowling For Soup (O2 Guildhall Southampton, 13/02/16)


I’ve also posted a diary entry on this show, including all of the many filthy details that the newspaper could never print.

After a ‘farewell tour’ just three years ago, they are back already.

There must be something about the UK that Texas pop-punks Bowling For Soup just can’t say no to. Even the stage is built to resemble a pub, albeit with additional flame-throwing beer kegs. Considering just how excitable the sold-out crowd are, the UK feels the same way back.

It might be their grand return, and there is of course a deafening and nostalgic buzz as they energetically blitz through hits ‘Girls All the Bad Guys Want’, ‘Punk Rock 101’ and ‘1985’, but this is no time for sentimentality, apart from famously full-of-body guitarist Chris Burney reflecting on how his ‘fat thunder’ has been stolen by the waist growth of his bandmates.

Tonight is a night for naughty jokes and medleys of songs by Blink-182 and Green Day in a successful venture to shamelessly prove that pop-punk lives on. Never would one expect that a bassist wearing a bra on his head to resemble Mickey Mouse ears while performing the theme tune to Disney’s Phineas and Ferb, could be the hilarious defining moment of a great show.

Still, Bowling For Soup deliver. Fun and filth collide, and fans wouldn’t have it any other way.

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