Live Review: The Cardinals/Mojo Fury/Apollo’s Arrows (March 2011)

First band Cardinals’ opening track was an unusual choice - very quiet. Starting at such a low volume seemed to promise a build up into heavier territory, though it never quite took off. Lead guitarist and vocalist Pattrik Callingham’s voice sounds bored, little more than a tired drone. They may have branded themselves as progressive... Continue Reading →



Tonight's SmackDown was absolutely terrific, with all of the right decisions made. New doors have been opened for wrestlers who had taken a back seat, and new faces in the main roster. There is also an aura of mystery, regarding where feuds are going (we are yet to find out *why* Orton attacked, and much... Continue Reading →

Album Review: Lemuria – Recreational Hate

A shortened and edited review of Lemuria's latest album Recreational Hate can be found in the February 2018 issue of DIY Magazine. Read it here, on page 72: A longer and fuller review will appear online on the DIY website in the coming few days. (Publishing dates have been a bit confusing since the review was... Continue Reading →

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