What Does Rock Music Taste Like?: Asking rock stars the delicious question.

What do Steel Panther, Frank Turner, Funeral For a Friend, Trivium, Sonic Boom Six and Blitz Kids taste like? I decided to find out. Six years ago today, during my time at university music site Electric Banana, I interviewed Corey Beaulieu of Trivium. Due to the tasty name of the website, and Matt Heafy’s obsession... Continue Reading →


Pie & Vinyl: A visit to Southsea’s ‘Record Cafe’

2014 has marked the best annual vinyl sales in a very long time. It is the first year since 1996 for sales to break the one million record mark. It’s something that can be attributed to several things, and most will instantly jump to conclusions relating to Record Store Day, and the increasing attention to... Continue Reading →

5 Life-Changing Albums

I couldn't help but feel referring to albums as 'life-changing' is a bit overdramatic. Waking from a coma to the sound of some religious gospel, which compelled you to follow your selected deity since you suspect that they saved your life, then maybe. However, after giving this a little more though, I realised that it... Continue Reading →

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