What Does Rock Music Taste Like?: Asking rock stars the delicious question.

What do Steel Panther, Frank Turner, Funeral For a Friend, Trivium, Sonic Boom Six and Blitz Kids taste like? I decided to find out. Six years ago today, during my time at university music site Electric Banana, I interviewed Corey Beaulieu of Trivium. Due to the tasty name of the website, and Matt Heafy’s obsession... Continue Reading →


The Safety Pin vs. Racism: Brilliant if a success, but in danger of being counter-intuitive

I posted my thoughts on my Facebook page, and my friend replied: "A hundred people may see it and think "sanctimonious prick" (a pun - hep!), but if one person sees it and feels a little less scared, or alone, it's worth doing I reckon. It would also be enormously useful if you met a racist... Continue Reading →

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