Nick’s Top 25 Live Shows of 2016 (25-19)

The Guardian discussed unforgettable advert music. Something was missing: Mobil’s ’24 Toasters From Scunthorpe’ (16/11/16)

“The Evil Fairy” by Nicholas Pollard (aged 6) (11/11/16)

19th July 2010: The night I lost remorse for annoying neighbours with my drums (27/10/16)

Nintendo Switch: First Thoughts on the NX (20/10/16)

What would your choices be on BBC’s Desert Island Discs? Here are mine. (05/10/16)

Fight the Fight!: Reflecting on the filth of Ape Fight! (07/07/16)

The Safety Pin vs. Racism: Brilliant if a success, but in danger of being counter-intuitive (01/07/16)

Gig Diaries: Portsmouth Summer Show 2016 (04/05/16)

What are the loudest concerts you have ever seen? (20/04/16)

Reflecting on Star Fox 64: Ranking the Levels (30/03/16)

My 10 Favourite Live Stages (18/03/16)

Nick’s pursuit of music journalism begins… in 2001 (14/01/16)

My Master’s Degree is finally over: A relieved summary (19/11/15)

RADIO X: Are we upset by the content, of just that it changed at all? (18/10/15)

Was the Portsmouth Summer Show the nightmare that it was billed to be? (28/06/15)

Zelda and Star Fox for Wii U: First Impressions (06/12/14)

Pie & Vinyl: A visit to Southsea’s ‘Record Cafe’ (04/12/14)

Mario Kart 8 DLC: Showing Us How a ‘Super Smash Kart’ is Long Overdue (14/11/14)

Master’s Degree Diaries: An Impossible Essay, On Impossible Music (01/11/14)

A Haunted Feud Between Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose Could Be a Very Bad Idea (28/10/14)

Dean Ambrose & The Wyatt Family: Could They Have a Future Together? (20/10/14)

Annoying Music Festival Traditions That Can Never Be Stopped (16/10/14) Delving Into the Pollard Pedigree (13/10/14)

Predicting WWE Hell in a Cell 2014 (24/09/14)

Master’s Degree Diaries: Did I Just Destroy a Month Worth of Lectures? Yes? Good. (18/09/14)

The Master’s Degree Diaries: Why Isn’t There a Fifty Shades of Grey Video Game? (16/09/14)

Why Neither Roman Reigns or Seth Rollins should win at WWE Night of Champions (15/09/14)

How I Would Save Bray Wyatt and his Family: INSTANT DOMINATION (14/09/14)

Where the Hell Did Nick Pollard Go? (28/07/14)

Why Anal Cunt’s ‘Howard Is Bald’ Will Make You Doubt Your Taste in Music (07/05/14)

Album and Single Reviews of April 2014 (30/04/14)

My Postgraduate “Words of Wisdom”: Speaking at SMILEfest 2014 (23/04/14)

5 Life-Changing Albums (17/04/14)

Predicting Wrestlemania 31 (09/04/14)

The Old Gig Diaries: The Final Cuts (2005-2007) (06/04/14)

The Old Gig Diaries: The Wildhearts (2008) (05/04/14)

The Old Gig Diaries: Electric Six (2007) (05/04/14)

The Old Gig Diaries: Muse (2006) (05/04/14)

Predicting Wrestlemania XXX… Again (04/04/14)

Album and Single Reviews of March 2014 (31/03/14)

10th Anniversary of My First Concert (18/03/14)

How Predictable is Wrestlemania XXX?: Predictions by a Clueless Casual Viewer (02/03/14)

My Degree Dissertation (02/03/14)

SMILEcast 2013: The Long Lost Episode 6? (01/03/14)

SMILEcast 2013 (18/02/14)

An Ode to Caravan Hatred (14/02/14)

I have had a rubbish seven years. According to Facebook, anyway (04/02/14)

The Quenelle: NSFW (Whether You Like It Or Not) (03/02/14)

Abbey Road Diaries: Nick visit’s the world famous studios (29/12/13)

I have had a rubbish 2013. According to Facebook, anyway (12/12/13)

I’ve graduated… about time too! (30/11/13)

How Not To Write Lou Reed’s Obituary: A Daily Mail Guide (28/10/13)

Russell Brand’s ‘Revolution’: All in a Day’s Work for Jeremy Paxman (26/10/13)

What Are Your Favourite Sub-Two Minute Songs? (24/08/13)

‘I am sitting in a room’ by Alvin Lucier (performed by Nick Pollard) (13/07/13)

Are Manic Street Preachers ‘killing rock’? (02/07/13)

Nintendo at E3 2013: First Impressions (11/06/13)

Sony at E3 2013: First Impressions (11/06/13)

Microsoft at E3 2013: First Impressions (10/06/13)

Eurovision 2013’s hits and misses (and a few in between) (19/05/13)

Nick chats to Steve Lamacq on BBC Radio 6 Music (30/04/13)

Was that it?: How short can albums get? (20/04/13)

Why I didn’t want ‘Ding-Dong!’ at number two either (15/04/13)

Why I don’t want ‘Ding-Dong! The Witch is Dead’ at number one (14/04/13)

Why ‘Wallace and Gromit: A Close Shave’ has the greatest soundtrack ever written (30/12/12)

Real Fans: How to wind up 80,000 Muse fans in one foul swipe (09/12/12)

McFly Are Like Heroin: Nick stumbles upon some sh*t scary McFly fans (26/11/12)

Ye Olde Gig Diaries: CKY (2005) (20/10/12)

Ye Olde Gig Diaries: HIM (2004) (20/10/12)

Ye Olde Gig Diaries: Wednesday 13 (2004) (20/10/12)

What’s the Best Three Song Streak on an Album? (09/10/12)

The Bestival Bugle 2012 (06/10/12)

Marilyn Manson: Still a Born Villain? (25/09/12)


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