Predictions for the Men’s Royal Rumble 2020

NOTE: This post may contain SPOILERS based on gossip that has slipped through WWE’s cracks.

There are thirty men in the Men’s Royal Rumble, and it should therefore be a hard to predict event. I couldn’t resist seeing whether it lives up to that this year. As I’ve said many times when trying to guess results, I often want to be incorrect as it makes things more interesting. I couldn’t resist giving it a go though. I would give the event a far more professional looking analysis, but I really am throwing this together about two hours before the show begins. So, just how will the Men’s Royal Rumble unfold?

Who will entrant #2 be?

So what if Brock Lesnar is #1? Everyone seems to forget that entrant #2 is there from the very beginning too. Unfortunately, with Lesnar so hyped up as a beast, it is highly likely that whoever begins opposite him will have been eliminated by the time #3 arrives. As a result this spot will go to a mid-carder with a limited relevance, in a similar vein to how Roman Reigns was very quick to eliminate Rusev at RR’16.

Many other years, I would say that this role would be for Dolph Ziggler, who is a confirmed entrant, but whose relevance hasn’t extended beyond ruining the cake that Otis gave to Mandy Rose. However, as he may be part of Corbin’s match as one of his minions, for the sake of entertainment, this will probably begin with ELIAS serenading the crowd. This will give way for a big unannounced name to arrive, in a similar fashion to AJ Styles at RR’16. So… who might that be?

Who will be the unannounced entrants?

There really isn’t much room left on the card for many surprises, as 27 of the 30 entrants have already been confirmed, unless WWE have us fooled. On top of this, one was as good as confirmed after somebody sneakily caught sight of MONTEL VONTAVIOUS PORTER’s name being tested on the TitanTron.

So who are the other two? Although it is dull, I will assume that CAIN VELASQUEZ will appear midway, and will be the man to eliminate Lesnar, setting up a rematch that no one wants at WrestleMania. This is exactly what happened in 2017, leading to Lesnar vs. Goldberg, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see this formula unfold exactly the same.

Will he really be the big #3 though? I doubt it, as it needs to be someone who might not necessarily be a threat to Lesnar himself, but could bring an expression of shock to the arena. There are a few highly unlikely candidates whose names have hovered about, and although he has long denied it, my wildcard guess is EDGE.

I can’t believe that I am even mentioning him, but Hornswoggle has teased that he is in Houston, but he might only be there as a spectator, or a minor cameo. Last year, he showed up during the Women’s Rumble to give the marginally taller Zelina Vega a fright. I don’t think WWE are stupid enough to waste a surprise spot on him. There have also been reports of Sting making an appearance at the event, to set something motion in the lead up to a match at WWE’s next Saudi Arabia event. However, there doesn’t seem to be anyone in the Rumble itself for him to spark a short feud with, especially considering the ridiculous match-ups that the Saudi events have requested. I expect him to intervene during a different match, presumably yet another Bray Wyatt match in ruins.

Will anything else of note take place during the match?


I will take a guess that somebody not in the Rumble will take R-TRUTH‘s 24/7 title during the Royal Rumble, either by sabotaging his entrance, or during the Rumble itself. If the latter, R-Truth will erroneously eliminate himself by jumping over the rope and chasing the new champion.

Who will win?


I am guessing that the win will go to Drew McIntyre. The match will end with Corbin and Reigns continuing their fight from earlier, and McIntyre capitalising on them being distracted by each other. One will eliminate the other, somehow ending up on the other side of the rope, in great position to be knocked to the floor with a Claymore Kick.


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