Nick chats to Steve Lamacq, live on BBC Radio 6 Music (29th April 2013)

Now here’s a peculiar occurrence: on 29th April 2013, Steve Lamacq interviewed ME.

It is by none other than the legendary radio DJ and music journalist Steve Lamacq. This was part of the daily ‘Good Day, Bad Day’ segment on his BBC Radio 6 Music show, asking listeners to submit two songs (one for a good day and one for a bad day) and discuss what they mean to them. We discuss my tastes in music, past and present, and the world of music journalism.

I nominated Radiohead’s ‘Let Down’ and Tom Lehrer’s ‘We Will All Go Together When We Go‘. It was a great experience, all aside from one glaring reason which makes it excruciating for me to listen back to. Towards the end of the interview, the phone signal kept cutting out, and as a result, I keep interrupting him. This can be heard most during the discussion about Tom Lehrer. To be honest, he was probably right to be at least try to cut me off, because no one tunes into his show for a lecture on the subject of the Cold War. Also, when he asked me to choose a letter for the Roulette segment letter in the show, I only chose ‘Y’, because it was the only letter I heard him say!

My final choice, the former, seemed to go down pretty well with listeners. I’m normally not a fan of Twitter, but I couldn’t resist keeping my eye on it for reactions.


You’re welcome!

Oh, and they sent me a free t-shirt, advertising ‘Wear Your Old Band Shirt to Work Day’. Whoever designed it failed to realise that not only does it not specify the date of the event, but didn’t notice that if wearing this shirt, I am not wearing my old band shirt.


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