Godspeed You! Black Emperor (Brighton Dome, 28th October 2015)


This concert was what compelled me to try playing my drum kit with a milk foamer. Why? Upon seeing Efrim Menuck of Godspeed You! Black Emperor playing his guitar with a screwdriver in 2015, I was compelled to do something similar. And for the record, it didn’t sound bad. You’re welcome. I eagerly await royalties from you for working my techniques into your chart-topping hit. Any minute now…

Looking back, I’m not entirely sure what compelled me to see GY!BE, the first time that I did at London Troxy in 2010. It was presumably more on the subject of their ridiculous name, and the fact that their reunion was billed as elusive, than it was their music. As though that was the one and only opportunity that I would get to see them live. Well, it wasn’t.

Long ago I had read on their Wikipedia page things about how they used ‘video tape loops’, as though it were some very unusual and spectacular thing. It really wasn’t as big a deal as it had been discussed as, but I was very glad that I went. Enough so, that I couldn’t resist seeing them again in Brighton, when they toured Asunder, Sweet and Other Distress.

From the day that I purchased this ticket, until weeks after the show, my father had a habit of mocking GY!BE’s overdramatic name. This was to the point that he even shouted their name at me as he bid me farewell on a water slide at Crealy. I avoided telling him anything more about them, such as the name of new track ‘Piss Crowns are Trebled’. Either way, I doubt that he’ll be shouting that at me in any family theme parks any time soon.

Anyway, here is my review. It is very stylised, but I think that it is pretty suitable considering its oddities. Spoiler alert: It was one of the loudest concerts that I have ever witnessed, and I enjoyed this far more than I did the first time.

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