Live Review: Victorious Festival 2018 (Southsea Common, 25-27/08/18)

In the past, I have lauded Southsea’s amazing luck regarding the weather over the course Victorious Festival. This is now my fourth visit after three years of gorgeous weather. However, the frontman of Beatles tribute project Come Together, here to perform the seminal 1969 album Abbey Road in its entirety, unknowingly and poetically warned us all of what was to come before ‘Here Comes the Sun’ – “Onto the B-side now. Stick with us. It gets dark in places.”. 2018 is going to get wet.

As you can see from the photo, I wasn’t lying. That was taken from the VIP stand – a raised and sheltered area that cost an extra £50 per day to have access to. Unfortunately, the wind picked up so harshly, that it was pretty much horizontal, and made those with deeper pockets just as soggy as everyone else. More infuriating still was how the rain was being blasted directly at the main stage performers, so they were forced to position the musicians so far back that they couldn’t be seen from the VIP section. Bummer.

However, I’ve never been afraid of a bit of sludge, and I was sent there by ROCKSHOT to cover the event, headlined by The Prodigy, The Libertines and Paul Weller. Read it here.

P.S. My hatred goes out to the tool who punched me in the face and stole my beanie hat in the mosh pit during The Prodigy. I think that at a lot of people misunderstand mosh pits at lighter entertainment festivals. There were definitely a lot of people who had come from seeing Example on the main stage who thought “ooh, I’ve heard of these mosh pit things. This is where everyone beats each other up!”. No.

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