The tidiness of SmackDown is a great new canvas for Wyatt Family chaos

I have spoken before about how I think that the best-of-three/five/seven format of feuds, as recently seen between Sheamus and Cesaro, would be brilliant to use more often, because it is a new tidy format, providing something new to break in the future. This frame of mind matches SmackDown perfectly, at least as of now.

SmackDown has been onto a winner since the brand division with its tidy format, and if anything falls out of sync, it can be portrayed as a massive problem. The main, two-hour show is devoted very much to (usually complete) matches, and the odd promo segment. Most of the trash talk is reserved for the brilliant Talking Smack. With two different shows to cover the progression of the brand it is easy to follow – a PG sport-orientated show in one, and contained fury in the other. RAW, on the other hand, is one massive three-hour montage of problems, making very little seem like an especially big deal. The Wyatt Family faced this difficulty somewhat when in a feud with The New Day. The babyface opposition were goofy and nutty enough that Bray Wyatt would have put an almost impossibly massive foot down to come across as a force to be reckoned with, bringing misery to the jolliest tag team that WWE has seen in years.

Unfortunately, this was an opportunity that was not put to use, and arguably couldn’t, due to how both RAW and SmackDown at the time (pre-brand divide) were chaotic enough that nothing could come across as a big issue to the kayfabe managers, such as Triple H, Daniel Bryan and the McMahon siblings.

The idea of a massive problem is exactly what The Wyatt Family have been about, with little focus on titles, and more on throwing a spanner in the works during shows, to stand in the way of various other figures’ progress. The tidiness of SmackDown, and the formation of its own universe due to two shows, means there can be a huge emphasis on chaos.

SmackDown has already teased somewhat that The Wyatt Family are positioned to remain detached and mysterious, as besides The Wyatts crashing an episode of Talking Smack, it is the one big storyline that has not yet been given coverage by interview. Even in spite of the inclusion of Randy Orton, it has not featured, but isn’t ignored. They are highly conceptual and the most appropriate wrestlers to hijack a SmackDown main event and for Daniel Bryan and Renee Young in a kayfabe state of panic of Talking Smack.

Fingers crossed that this opportunity is taken.

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