19th July 2010: The night I lost remorse for annoying neighbours with my drums.

Posted: October 27, 2016 in Uncategorized

kitThose within a fair radius of my house are well aware of me being a drummer. Having beaten my old kit to death over the course of about 15 years, and just being very busy with work, I played it less and less. However, I am now refreshed and have purchased myself a new toy – a new drum kit. For the record, a six-piece Mapex Armory. It’s awesome.

As it had been a while since any prolonged racket from my room, I was slightly conscious about being especially irritating as I play. However, there was one night that sprung to mind, and I shed quite a bit of sympathy for my neighbours. They are just as irritating.

On 19th July 2010 (and on most 19th Julys ever since) they have hauled the karaoke machine into their garden for a party. A very loud one. A very… off key one. Here is a brief, candid documentary of that fateful night.

(Alright, it didn’t bug me that much. I just rediscovered this video created for myself and friends’ amusement)


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