“It’s a Nick Pollard-tastic reviews section” – Reviewing Feeder, We Are Scientists and Twin Atlantic for Portsmouth News (October 2016)

On 17th October, several reviews of mine were published in Portsmouth News, making it the biggest simultaneous publishing of my work as of yet. I was surprised slightly by the reply from the paper’s Entertainment Editor, as he told me that that would be the case: “It’s a Nick Pollard-tastic reviews section today in the paper”.

Unfortunately, I would find out a few days later that this did not please everybody. After all, this issue contained my second mildly negative review that I had written for The News – We Are Scientists at Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms (09/10/2016)., which you can READ HERE.  I had mentioned that the audience was almost silent during the band’s overlong banter, so there was an awkward atmosphere. A fan disagreed.

Yabagaba: “The jokes weren’t even remotely ‘awkward’, this just reads like ‘I’m old and didn’t get their humour’.”

If that’s because I didn’t “get it”, I think that 90% of the crowd suffered from the same issue. You could hear a pin drop as they spoke. I am under the genuine assumption that the commenter was at a different show. That or I might have just been overly aggravated by chronically ringing ears after I saw Swans the night before.

However, the following two shows that I was sent to cover at Portsmouth Pyramids Centre, Feeder (13/10/2016) (which I can only fault for them not playing one of my favourites – ‘Shatter’) and Twin Atlantic (14/10/2016) were both brilliant shows. That’s not to say that my audience experience wasn’t an awkward atmosphere. At Feeder, I discovered what was worse than being stuck behind a 6’8″ man at a concert – being stuck behind a 6’8″ man with atrocious body odour. No amount of drinking cider from a lemon (lemon lemon lemon lemon…) was going to distract me. Ugh. And at Twin Atlantic, now that I’ve reached the ripe old age of 26, I felt like I was the oldest man there not to be assisting their daughter.


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