Why The New Day were made to be brutally destroyed by The Wyatt Family

Considering the misery that The Wyatt Family radiate as heels, never before would linking them in a feud with comedy figures seem like a good idea. In fact, it might have seemed a very poor idea for them to be anything other than heels. However, The Wyatt Family have found face rivals who seem tailor-made to be destroyed to no great loss – The New Day.


The Wyatt Family have been somewhat infuriating to watch for a long time, as the formula for their booking has been so repetitive – irritate a face wrestler, get slightly into their minds before one last PPV match. It has happened enough so that Bray Wyatt has almost run out of A-list face wrestlers to feud with, having gone through this formula with Daniel Bryan, Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, John Cena and Chris Jericho. Only the first two ended with a victory to Wyatt.

Of course, this is how most feuds work in general, but the uniqueness of the team means that they need to approach their rivals by different means. Without even considering ‘passing the torch’, even their entrance comes across as imposing and unique. Only The Undertaker (with his appearances from nowhere) and Kane (exploding turnbuckles) have anything more than arriving from the Titantron. The Family features four members (although their shockingly technical monster Luke Harper is currently out of action), two of who are giants, making them the most physically imposing looking faction that the WWE has had in years.

Each Bray Wyatt solo feud has been entertaining, but one must remember that The Wyatt Family’s big breakthrough came with their feud against the then intact The Shield. Think back to Elimination Chamber 2014, which featured their six-man tag team match-of-the-year candidate, as well as a result altering interruption during the Elimination Chamber match. While they were subjected to disgusting embarrassment at Wrestlemania 32, when (semi-retired) The Rock defeated Rowan in six seconds, and the rest of the team were squashed by a still injured Cena, their reputation should be simple enough to repair with help from one another and ideal opponents.


The New Day are the yin to The Wyatt Family’s yang due to their humorous ways, something that need not bring too much chirpiness to The Wyatts’ feuds, but instead provide them with a brilliant canvas to demonstrate their mind-tangling prowess. The New Day’s entertaining quality also means that they have a very long way to fall, so when Wyatt finally puts his foot down, the effect will seem even more catastrophic. While the feud might not be as visibly and powerfully striking as it could be (The Wyatt Family are ideal enough characters to sabotage an episode of Raw or Smackdown in a similar vein to Lesnar’s ‘low-blow’ tantrums) but it is definitely the most damaging and empowering feud possible.

The New Day are very safe in spite of being nowhere near The Wyatt Family or being in line to get their titles back for a very long time, especially as the most fourth-wall breaking members of the WWE roster, very often due to the Woods (or Austin Creed) hosted online show UpUpDownDown. As a result, their recovery from destruction is definitely enough to maintain a lot of attention over an extended period of time.

Their goofiness isn’t getting old any time soon, especially due to just how flexible that they are. One only has to consider that recurring elements include unicorns, breakfast cereal and trombones. Their fixations could go anywhere. As a result, even without tag team championship belts around their waists, they are capable to continue as a hilarious faction that WWE fans will sympathise with indefinitely. Speaking of which…


There is one thing that is bound to change for The New Day very soon, which is also glorious fuel for The Wyatts – having held their championships for over three-hundred days. They are just a month away from beating the three-hundred-and-thirty-one day record held by Paul London and Brian Kendrick, suggesting that they will not be holding on to those belts for much longer.

The number of members in each faction can also play a part, as The Wyatt Family can remain heels in spite of not necessarily cheating in matches directly, but perhaps by proxy, screwing with what little sanity that one member of The New Day has. Xavier Woods is already an easy character to pick apart, considering just how outgoing a fan favourite he is, in spite of being the least active combatant of The New Day – a process that is definitely underway.

WWE must resist giving Bray Wyatt a solo run (however brilliant it is bound to be) until The Wyatt Family leave a team-vs-team feud the champions, and stronger than ever. In fact, there being four men, Wyatt’s departure for solo competition could be syncronised well with the eventual return of Harper, leaving behind a brilliant three-man team for a return to six-man competition. The Wyatt Family are walking a very narrow line between tragic closure due to so many losses, and suddenly being fired to the top of both the Tag Team Division and singles competition. Recall the tantalising look that Wyatt gave to Triple H’s championship belt, now in the hands of Dean Ambrose. Considering The Wyatt Family’s rivalry with The Shield and its members, as well as Seth Rollins’ affiliation with The Authority, a HHH/Wyatt singles feud might not be nearly as far away as it looks.


There is little to no excuse for The Wyatt Family not to leave this feud as long term victors, and for it not to be The New Day who get their own back. Now is the time for the Wyatt Family to regain their power and for a spanner to be thrown in the spanners’ of The New Day’s works, in one of the most intriguing reasonably likely developments that WWE has seen in years.