Fight the Fight!: Reflecting on Ape Fight (and their hilarious filth)

Posted: July 7, 2016 in Uncategorized

Facebook recently marked the eighth anniversary of my first visit to New York City, and I was instantly thrown back to one night in particular.

On top of this, the frontmen of the night Ape Fight had just posted their first message in six years: “It’s been awhile. We are all still alive. We are all doing great. We talk about releasing some vinyl versions of our albums. We talk about recording some new music. We talk about playing some shows. We talk. Keep talking about Ape Fight. Write to you congressmen and legislators. Fight the Fight!” A ‘Mr Gamble’ replied to my comment.

Screen shot 2016-06-06 at 02.47.11

Well, I guess I don’t have much choice now. During 17-year-old Nick’s American adventure of 2008 with student friends, I visited the since closed The Knitting Factory – a multi-floored music venue in Brooklyn. Downstairs was the ‘Tap Bar’, the venue’s smallest stage, which with a thicker fog of cigarette smoke might have resembled somewhere tailor-made for jazzy and artsier types. That night there were short sets by small folk acts whose names escape me, but some of their screeches never shall (they open the video above).


However, what followed left mine and my friends’ innocent brains well and truly dirtied. Although not to detract from their artistic merit, Ape Fight’s output did not resemble one bit what one might expect. With lyrics, boobs and badgers flashing on a little projecter screen beside them, they were a hilarious masked rock band from New Jersey, who stopped at nothing to drive home filth on the subject of sex (‘Free Mustache Rides’), drink/drugs (‘Yea!’), sex (‘Mail Order Bride’) and sex (‘Texarkana’). Sometimes all of the above, as defined by ‘Bonghits, Handjobs and Food’, its lyrics stating the universally accepted realisation that “these three things cure anything”.

Indeed, there is a beaver on this album cover for a reason…

Please check them out if you dare, because it’s great fun, and when I spoke to a few of the six-piece after the show, they were nice guys too. That or we bought their love when we got a copy of their album. Who knows?

I admittedly haven’t a clue what they are up to now, nor am I convinced that they know either, but I couldn’t resist namedropping them here today. Fight the fight!


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