Live Review: Bowling For Soup (O2 Guildhall Southampton, 13/02/16)


Screen shot 2016-02-15 at 18.37.34

Normally I am pretty shameless when it comes to the filth that I end up writing, or at least quoting. One only has to read my review of The Lounge Kittens’ homecoming concert to figure that out. But this being featured in The News meant that it was a bit different…

The News of Portsmouth might have only wanted a short review (sadly leaving no room to say how great supports Lacey and The Dollyrots were), but as I stood there and absorbed it all this felt like a review that would be easier said than done. If wanting to find distinctive moments, for every printable one, there were many, many more unprintable ones. A few moments that couldn’t make it:

  • A boy called Logan was brought from the audience to the stage to hype up the crowd into waving their arms, to which guitarist Chris Burney added “that kids gonna get all the pussy!”.
  • Chris continued with the filth by calling into the crowd: “Hey! That guy with the cute girl on your shoulders. Can we meet you after the show and smell your neck?”. Not since Steel Panther have I witnessed a band use the word ‘vagina’ nearly as often onstage. No intimate bodily region went unspoken of.
  • Supporting hype-man MC Lars was so poorly received that when he asked the crowd to make hearts with their hands for a photo, for him to send the image to his girlfriend (who he couldn’t be with for Valentine’s Day), he instead got hundreds of middle fingers. I wonder whether she got that photo.
  • His misfortune continued when he returned to stage during Bowling For Soup’s set to tell terrible ‘British dad jokes’ and made a very poor choice. “What’s worse than getting ants in your pants?”. I don’t know what the intended punchline was, but an audience member upstaged the MC with a punchline of his own : “MC Lars!”.
  • Speaking of audience reaction, Chris received a very loud “get your tits out for the lads” (and he politely did so), and Jaret, upon shamelessly reflecting upon his increase in weight since their last visit got back an even louder “you fat bastard!”.
  • The stage was built to look like a British pub, called Ye Olde Soup Inn… and the band entered through the door to the ladies bathroom. Subtle.

You get the idea. They were awesome fun and they sounded great (at least about as great the ‘O2 Echo Chamber Southampton’ actually permits), but it’s just as well my little sister didn’t come along to this one.

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