WWE Survivor Series 2015 Predictions


Survivor Series this year has one of the most intriguing, but ultimately infuriating cards in recent memory. So much potential for growth and surprises, that those watching probably don’t trust will be put to use. This is nothing formal and just me dumping predictions here, if only for everyone to have a good giggle at me if I’m completely wrong (and I REALLY WANT TO BE WRONG IN SOME CASES). However, I seriously doubt that I will be that wrong. It’s predictable almost beyond belief. To the point that it seems so obvious that there just has to be a surprise in there.

Anyway, here goes:

Survivor Series Match: Whichever team that has The New Day in it will win. Need anybody ask why? NEW… DAY ROCKS.

The Brothers of Destruction vs The Wyatt Family: The Brothers will win by disqualification when Bray Wyatt is in trouble for summoning stupid supernatural powers (or at least turns the lights out). This is as close to a loss as WWE will have the balls to give The Undertaker considering how much he is being celebrated. In spite of losing, Wyatt will still look happy because this has been all part of a plan, to be explained on Raw, although no one will understand a word.

Dolph Ziggler vs Tyler Breeze: Breeze will win his PPV debut, in a match that will be way to short, if only to cater for giving Breeze some in-ring mic time to taunt Ziggler about Summer, and just being beautiful in general, as he hobbles out of the ring.

Paige vs Charlotte: Charlotte will retain cleanly. This match has everything required to be brilliant. There are two great NXT alumni, and the crowd certainly know who to cheer and boo (in spite of the disgusting way that that happened). However, while this should be the end of their tedious feud, the match will be a bit too short, and Paige/Charlotte will be dragged out until TLC in December.

Dean Ambrose vs Kevin Owens: Ambrose wins. This will be the match of the night, or perhaps again, potential to be a classic, but will be limited by time due to being a semi-final and the first of two matches for its winner. This is the only match that realistically has a result that could surprise us (Owens is a champion, and therefore is worthy of being a finalist, and this would be a great spark for an Ambrose/Owens feud for the Intercontinental Championship). Enough daydreaming though… it’ll be Ambrose.

Roman Reigns vs Alberto Del Rio: Reigns wins. Besides the inability to even see Reigns losing, Del Rio is too preoccupied by MexAmerican crap to be anywhere close to the WHC picture, and will continue this way until Cena returns to programming and saves ‘Murica. Again. Expect at least one ‘Flying Nothing’ from Del Rio into a Superman Punch.

Roman Reigns vs Dean Ambrose: Michael Cole finally wakes up, and Reigns wins. Were it not for Money in the Bank, I might not have minded this, as I’ve always felt that Ambrose should be the last of the Shield to be champion, as being the scrappy one (hardly Daniel Bryan in style or character, but the same kind of booking), his climb to greatness as an ongoing plot is far more satisfying than Reigns getting ‘justice’, because he’s ‘obviously’ already great. But unfortunately…

Roman Reigns vs Sheamus: Sheamus wins, cashing in by taking advantage of Ambrose unleashing a big post-match tantrum on Reigns (like Rollins’ Plan B chair turn), when the righteous Reigns steps forth to shake Ambrose’s hand. Ambrose and Sheamus stand over a knocked out Reigns and awkwardly shake hands. The Authority come out applauding.


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