Survivor Series 2015 is not the time for Reigns vs Ambrose

It has been a difficult few weeks for WWE writers. It is safe to assume that Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns were due to bicker for the following few months, and be the premier feud of the WWE. It wouldn’t have been of any surprise (beyond the fact that Rollins/HHH had been teased) were Reigns/Rollins have a few PPV events, before Ambrose won either the Royal Rumble or the Money in the Bank contract from Sheamus, in time for Wrestlemania 32.

We’re disappointed too Seth.

Unfortunately, Rollins won’t be on premises for quite some time due to his torn ligament injuries earlier in November. The tournament for the vacated title has been great to watch (and the kind of programming that WWE Raw should do more of), albeit spectacularly predictable, since it has been a set up for what will be a drawn out version of the Fatal Four Way match that originally confirmed Reigns as number one contender for the WHC title – only in the form of two semi-finals and a final at Survivor Series.

Survivor Series 2015 presents viewers with not only one of the most intriguing PPV bookings in a very long time – it is also one of the most infuriating. It teases one highly shocking match that could make for an amazing pay-per-view, yet for that incredible match to happen, could harm the next few months’ worth of programming.

I am of course talking about the possibility of a massive shocker match between two WHC finalists Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. After two potentially awesome semi-finals, an explosive reaction could stem from the fact that the second match reveals these two as the finalists. Something that fans would seriously to have Jim Ross around for.


However, I argue that Survivor Series is not the time for Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns to face each other, no matter who wins, or whether there are any heel turns.

If Reigns succumbs to a rumoured heel turn, even then, an Ambrose/Reigns match should wait and be eagerly anticipated at an upcoming PPV, even if the feud begins at Survivor Series. For starters, WWE have too much of a habit of rushing feuds (not helped by the number of hours they have to fill), therefore making matches not nearly as eagerly anticipated as they should be. On top of this is the absence of Seth Rollins, who will not be around to get involved. Not even the Authority Rollins vs Ambrose series of matches lasted for as long Rollins will spend in recovery. That isn’t to say that there should be ‘filler’, but tension should begin, Reigns and Ambrose should begin to be pre-occupied with their own business (Reigns presumably, for better or for worse, with The Authority. Ambrose would also be a great foe for Owens), only for their paths to cross again and the match be finally arranged, perhaps around Royal Rumble or maybe even Wrestlemania 32.

As dramatic as it would be for there to be an Ambrose vs Reigns match at this Sunday’s Survivor Series, if WWE are that insistent on Reigns being a babyface champion, the final of the tournament should really be Reigns vs Owens. Not only could it be a similarly fantastic ‘wrestling clinic’ match that Cesaro gave on RAW, but the Intercontinental Champion should be in the final, really keeping the endangered belt afloat. Reigns and Ambrose will be kept as far apart as possible, so they can remain ‘bruddahs’ as Ambrose can put it, but that Reigns’ place atop the podium can cause their connection a whole world of problems.

The crumbling of the Ambrose/Reigns relationship should be a more prolonged subtext to what each of them are doing independently, therefore involving two of the biggest stars in the company with other wrestlers, and making their eventual match a much bigger deal.


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