A Triple-Threat Match with Alexa Bliss is the only way to justify Eva Marie at NXT Takeover: London

I will let this clip do the talking. On the 18th November 2015, on WWE NXT, this promo happened.

One can’t help but wonder whether producers took a shot at editing out as many of the boos as they possibly could. Either way, it was never going to work. Those ‘little dorks’ as Eva Marie called them were never going to shut up, and at NXT Takeover: London, there are going to be a fair few more ‘little dorks’ on the premises – a sold-out Wembley Arena full of them.

Unfortunately, the coming few weeks is not nearly enough time to begin a new feud for Bayley, and it would appear that the writers have their sights set upon a Bayley/Eva Marie match at the NXT’s first venture across the Atlantic. The very scale of the event makes clear that in spite of the tiny Full Sail venue, NXT has grabbed enough attention that it is as close to what WWE Smackdown was before the roster reunited with Raw. It is no longer a hypothetical show for them to practice on, and especially not when staging a 15,000-capacity event overseas.

Needless to say, Eva Marie is not a popular figure, and is being written off (something sadly justified) by NXT fans as a villain not because they are an effective heel, but because their very presence makes the show worse. This was the reasoning behind the disastrous victory for Roman Reigns at Royal Rumble 2015 – the moment that signified that WWE were giving someone the push who happened to be the one A-list figure that so many wanted not to be ‘the guy’. Please, anyone but him.

It takes amazing mic and wrestling skills to be an effective bitch in wrestling. Bliss knows exactly what she is doing.

While his advancement to Wrestlemania 31 far exceeded expectations, nobody is going to put nearly as much faith in Eva Marie. While diva-like characters like Sasha Banks and Alexa Bliss have justified themselves with incredible promos, mic and wrestling skills, Marie is the caricature of everything that is despised about the ‘Diva’ approach of the WWE main roster.

Considering the consistent high quality of NXT, it is difficult to even imagine that it can have as big a plummet in common sense as to book Bayley vs Eva Marie at NXT Takeover: London, and that this could even be some kind of double bluff on the fans. However, if this confrontation absolutely must happen, a third woman needs to be involved – Alexa Bliss. Bayley vs Bliss was the match that fans were all for until the rug was tugged from beneath their feet.

This is a situation that fans have seen before after the spectacular negative feedback in 2014 to the lack of Daniel Bryan being in the Royal Rumble, with its winner Batista (who everybody was expected to very happy to see), not being at all welcome. Eventually, Daniel Bryan found himself in a triple threat match with Randy Orton and Batista for the title.

We have seen babyfaces, heels and plain unpopular wrestlers entangle before. It was amazing.

It is a triangle very similar to that of Bayley, Bliss and Marie:

  • Daniel Bryan and Bayley are both universally adored babyfaces.
  • Randy Orton and Alexa Bliss are both brilliant heels.
  • Batista and Eva Marie are heels on the basis that WWE fans do not want them around, and not their character.

The hate for Batista was ingeniously exploited in the run-up to Wrestlemania, in booking the rise of Bryan, and taking little issue to acknowledging the trending of #BOOTISTA whenever he was onscreen (at least when it wasn’t #BLUETISTA). This was used until the very end by making Batista the man to lose at Wrestlemania in the most embarrassing and crowd-pleasing way possible – tapping out to Daniel Bryan.

Eva Marie is never going to get the support that WWE are after, and the aforementioned Triple Threat match is a great model to follow if WWE are so desperate for her to be there. Her inevitable heat must be recognized and used. Also, considering just how desperate that fans are for Marie to disappear as soon as possible, it would be a thing of beauty for the crowd to go ballistic when she arrives, and quickly switch to massive joy if she is the first out in an elimination match, only for a big deserving heel win for Alexa Bliss.


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