Kevin Owens is a perfect new henchman for The Authority

On this week’s Raw, there was an interesting promo with the Authority to open the show. Really. Due to Seth Rollins vacating the title after his knee injury, Roman Reigns was offered the title for little more than turning heel and becoming buddies with The Authority. Of course, the goody-two-shoes Reigns was never going to take that offer, and would earn it. However, it is an angle that perhaps more life in it than an opening segment one week, and somebody else should at least attempt to take it before Survivor Series, or in knowing that these offers are there for the taking, may be tempted to weasel their way in over the coming few weeks.


The Authority needs a regular wrestler in its crew, as soon as possible. There could not be anybody more perfect for this role than Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens.

1. Revive personality in The Authority


Only two are left. Where did everybody go?
Only two are left. Where did everybody go?

The Authority is very rapidly falling apart, and while their collapse is a fantastic angle (something celebrated circa Survivor Series 2014 when they were dropped from power, if only for a few weeks), if they need to stay powerful, it really is not working. The Authority is hollower than ever. The lack of a Corporate Kane wasn’t a big loss to begin with, as the inevitable planned feud for Triple H and Rollins would become the centerpiece. With the lack of Rollins, and subsequently a lack of any reason for The Authority to even exist anymore, they seriously need someone who can truly drive Triple H mad. The spectacularly entertaining and irritating ego of Owens couldn’t be more appropriate.

On top of this, whether or not it is dwelt upon, The Authority and Owens have a history in NXT, so there can be more complication milked from the situation. Recall how during the Cena/Owens feud, that there was no trouble in how Owens has a prosperous history, before ridicule of Cena’s celebrity status. This is a situation that is usable. Of course, Triple H vs Owens is highly impractical on the grounds of it being heel vs heel, but for there to be disagreements within The Authority, showing some kind of vulnerability and animation, is just what The Authority needs. If Owens can cause them enough trouble, he can be one of, if not the most powerful heel in the WWE.

2. A potential instant high-profile return for Sami Zayn


On the subject of history, here is one feud that will never go away, and with Owens in a point of Authority, the arrival of instant babyface Sami Zayn will resume it explosively. Remember that shock on the face of Seth Rollins when he found out that Brock Lesnar would challenge him for his belt? Just imagine Owens’ reaction – presumably a hilarious grin.

One can only assume that if WWE want a big return for Sami Zayn, that it will be another shot at John Cena, but to give Owens huge power, wait until Raw next appears in Montreal for a surprise appearance from Zayn, would be a more spectacular return than anything Cena can do for him.

3. An ideal target for Rollins to feud with if rejoining The Authority.


It is inevitable that no matter how Seth Rollins is booked upon his return, that he will be the biggest babyface in the company upon his return. He would have to sabotage champion Daniel Bryan’s match and allow Stephanie McMahon to successfully cash-in her Money in the Bank contract before getting any heel heat at all.

The closest that Rollins can come to this would be to begin his eventual return with a brief feud with Owens, functioning somewhat as a servant to The Authority once again to get rid of Owens, only for booking to emphasise the friendship of Triple H and Rollins before it collapses as planned, or at least in a teasing face-turn plot as he reveals he’s not rejoining the Authority.

Then of course, Owens has a Sami Zayn feud to resume. It’s easy to see that Kevin Owens has far more use in the WWE than being a horrible person. He left NXT in a feud with just about everybody, leaving a trail of destruction to the point that one dream feud was Regal vs Owens, especially after Regal clawed at Owens’ face at NXT Takeover: Unstoppable. It would be great for WWE Creative to give him an ongoing plot, that with such a massive personality, fans will be happy to see unfold over a long period of time.


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