Charlotte has an identity crisis – the rest of the Diva Division.

On 10/11/15, Erik Beaston of the The Bleacher Report wrote an interesting article an interesting article on how “Charlotte’s Lack of Personality Development is Destroying Feud with Paige”. I could not agree more with this headline.

This problem is often credited to Charlotte not having much of a personality, and that what little of her personality is progressing, and considering those around her, it is pretty forgivable to come to such a conclusion – that zero personality can’t progress and expand (although those jewel pimples all over her face does make her look as though she is undergoing some form of unicorn magic puberty). However, Charlotte is not a boring figure at all, and her character demonstrates a very interesting point – that it is quite possible that as the face ‘athlete’ figure, Charlotte’s identity, is in essence what John Cena is to the male roster, that the most hurtful wrestlers in the Diva Division may be almost everybody around her, due to too many – almost all of the division – having too much personality for a division so small.

There are only so many times that one can complain about the Diva Division not being the ‘Women’s Division’ but here we go again – there is only so much bombast that a character can withstand before it becomes ridiculous. Paige is no longer the ‘anti-thesis’ of the divas (as Beaston refers to her). She has become a heel diva, with the addition of different dress. I truly believe that it is the progression of Paige’s excessive personality that has become the most harmful to the Charlotte/Paige feud.

The male roster has a fair few mad caricature characters (that aren’t conceptual like Undertaker and the Wyatts) such as Dean Ambrose and Tyler Breeze. Were Paige in the male roster, she would be the equivalent of Tyler Breeze, a bombastic heel, regularly standing out due to fashion. Ambrose and Breeze aren’t normal. They’re not necessarily novelty characters, but stand somewhat outcast. However, amongst the Divas, they may be too high a proportion of mad personalities, to how many are wanting to be the best, whether for the belt, or in a personal feud. It is a problem displayed by Naomi, The Bellas and if WWE Creative aren’t careful, Sasha Banks could fall into the same trap. Their personalities are the ones that should be considered ‘different’ – the fun corner.

This isn't a statement to say that the 'Four Horsewomen' should front the division (however nice it would be). It is to demonstrate that an athletic front CAN exist with minimal 'diva attitude'
This isn’t a statement to say that the ‘Four Horsewomen’ should front the division (however nice it would be). It is to demonstrate that an athletic front CAN exist with minimal ‘diva attitude’

The ‘Four Horsewomen’ pseudo-stable is a great documentation of what the competitive half should look like. They had their individual characters (steampunk goddess Becky Lynch, cute superfan Bayley, and ‘The Boss’ Sasha Banks), yet all they wanted in the end was to be champion. This is not to say that the diva attitude must disappear (it can even be found in the male roster, as for someone so badass, Kevin Owens can be pretty whiny. Wait, did I just call Owens a diva?), but writers need to make sure that it is a secondary stance. Difference in character amongst the ‘Four Horsewomen’ showed that the diva attitude is the ideal heel frame of mind, as shown by Sasha Banks, and now in Alexa Bliss. Divas aren’t nearly as interesting when they are the majority of the division.

Banks was an example of the token diva (inevitably a heel), without another five diva clones swarming the NXT women. So yes, one can only agree that Charlotte is damaging the feud with her personality, however she shouldn’t be a problem. It is the rest of the division that is causing her to be a problem, and Paige couldn’t be any better an example. WWE need to contain the divas, rather than erase them. Charlotte, and aspirations to be the best won’t progress for as long as the entire division can be described as bitchy and insane.



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