How a ‘Diva’ Division Mid-Card could be the ironic key to that ‘Revolution’

Charlotte, Divas Champion as of late, in spite of her goddess-like status in NXT, has been a figure of argument. Arguments over just how well she is fitting in, with many siding with the ‘not very’ team, although even those under the impression that she is coming across as somewhat dull will agree that it isn’t her that is at fault, but the fact that she is being surrounded by obnoxious divas.

Let’s face it. Very little has changed within the alleged Diva Division. So much for this ‘revolution’ that the women bickered about and Stephanie McMahon couldn’t stop grinning about, despite its current failure. For this reason, Charlotte looks somewhat out of place, no matter how glorious she is as a wrestler. She was perfect for NXT’s atmosphere where to be the best in the women’s division was the number one priority, and that the soap opera style drama very much came second, even though each of the women had their own distinctive personality. It was only really when The Four Horsewomen situation peaked at NXT Takeover: Brooklyn where plot really entered, and even that had been based almost entirely on the subject of friendship and respect (hence the following NXT Takeover: Respect).

The ‘Diva Revolution’ should really have been a switch in priorities to how NXT functions, so that the feelings portrayed were that ‘I don’t like you, but it’s not about that. I just want to be the best.’ However, the ‘I don’t like you’ part remains the most prominent in the Diva Division, and subsequently the first of the Four Horsewomen to get the NXT Title, portrayed far more as a sportswomen than a more animated character (Sasha Banks was ‘The Boss’, Becky Lynch having an eccentric fashion sense, and Bayley being the baby-faced fan), means that she appears out of place – not boring, which is a very common accusation. She is there to compete, and not to perform – but that shouldn’t be a problem. Even the most animated of characters promoted not only their relationships, but also their training, going into a special event.

It is for this reason that one might be quite optimistic about the Diva Division at the moment, because neither of the two leading women are in fact ‘divas’. No one is ‘ratchet’. No one works out via twerking. You get the idea. It is a sportswoman vs who was once labeled the anti-Diva, who is jealous that Charlotte is the best, and wants to defeat her. Like, shock-horror, a sport.

That said, WWE may need to be a bit careful, as Paige’s apocalyptic bitchiness, albeit without enough spray tan to need it chiseled off after each match, is frighteningly close to the diva character as opposed to just being a horrid woman. If WWE are careful enough with Paige’s booking, then this might be the key to the designation of NXT priorities to the championship region, and the often irritating ‘diva’ given its own territory, assuming that WWE are so insistent on the Divas remaining on premises.

But how can this imprisonment of Charlotte by Divas be resolved? The aforementioned Divas need a sub-region of their own, partially isolated to their own mid-card.

We have seen that in recent weeks that Raw has allowed two women’s matches to take place, or rather one-and-a-half, as the second, normally a four/six-woman tag team match, three-minutes in length and serving only to keep them busy while commentary discuss the primary Diva Division feud (sometimes more literally than others, as we have heard Paige talking about Natalya at the commentary table during such a match. The one in the video above). That slot must be longer, of more importance, and not just a peripheral for everything else. It is this separation that could function as the compromise that the WWE could live with. A sporting half with NXT priorities, and a ‘diva’, lower half/mid-card. This separation would serve multiple purposes.

First of all, there is no way that WWE main roster will dispose entirely of ‘diva’ ways, and so a secondary area for them to be confined would be highly practical and desirable in women’s booking. And considering such talent as Sasha Banks and Nikki Bella being involved, this does not necessarily mean that this the time to head to the fridge either. Secondly, and simply, it would give the women something to actually do. From day one, it has been a worry that there were too many women for too little time when three NXT stars invaded that one day.

On top of this, the idea of stables could also function beautifully for the personalities who will eventually find their way to the sporting, championship high-card. So long as it is constructed solidly, this would be a brilliant territory for one seriously hacked off Diva to wreak havoc to prove her worth. For example, it would be great for Sasha Banks (for example) to be compelled to plow her way out of Team BAD and through Team Bella in a triumphant return over a few weeks to a Number 1 Contendership, once the Team PCB entanglement is over, in pursuit of the belt. A mid-card could be a great canvas both for matches to prove worth, and on a rare basis, for there to be such aforementioned chaos.

For a division that until recently had been given just five-minutes per week on Raw, there can be far more to talk about, even if it is in a ‘WWE diva’ manner. So long as pillow fights are kept at bay.

Thoughts everyone? Do the ways of the Diva need to be obliterated, or could they function as an area or stable for the next big thing to plow through? Comments below.

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