Why The Authority needs to be more vulnerable, and the WWE Superstars they should be afraid of

November: The Series Cometh
November: The Series Cometh

It’s a pity that that attitude didn’t continue for very long. By the end of the year, The Authority were back for no good reason beyond that they felt like it. The fact of the matter is that unless they are aware that things will be the way they were before things went wrong within a couple of months, whether in the world of kayfabe or not, The Authority are untouchable – whatever is broken and/or removed, will be replaced.

As sick as fans often get with the McMahons appearing on shows, their presence should be important. Very important. However, if WWE is insistent on treating booking as though it is a TV drama rather than a sport, nobody should be invincible.


Cheer up.
Cheer up.

The most legendary example of a character who wasn’t too smug who constantly shook the authority of the company was Stone Cold Steve Austin. The Attitude Era’s length is measured upon how long that Austin made McMahon’s life a living hell, up until the infamous closure of Wrestlemania X-Seven, as the two amicably shook hands. Shawn Michaels teased at this also around Wrestlemania 22 in a spectacular No Holds Barred against McMahon. The closest to the Austin scale of mischief however came with CM Punk, as all his rule breaking was meant to tempt heel heat, but each and every pipe-bomb, piledriver and escape with the title, fans still begged for this to signify the next personality to be the leading figures’ worst nightmare. Then of course was Daniel Bryan’s dominance from the madness of Royal Rumble 2014, to his fantastic victories at Wrestlemania XXX.

That is not to say that The Authority don’t face difficulties, however they never appear to be in much danger as a whole, and any of their biggest problems are very isolated and unrelated to anything outside of the office. All trouble comes from within, currently due to just being about internal affairs – Seth Rollins, and especially right now as he is amidst a feud with Kane. It speaks for itself that this is eventually going to lead to a Seth Rollins vs Triple H match one day, possibly in a babyface turn, or him snatching the throne, presumably the latter to give Reigns and Ambrose a more prominent target that Triple H’s shoe-shiner.

However, The Authority should be in far more danger, and if the company is insistent on being part of the bookings (and considering their prominence in twenty-minute promo sections that open every other episode of RAW), then they need to be beneath a pile of far more trouble than their dull and irritating personas offer. Permanently.
But all is not lost, so long as the writers realize that things should be able to change, and that if Triple H and his cronies want their company back the way that they want it, then they will have to work for it. There are a fair few personalities on the cards ideal for this scenario.




Once upon a time, Rusev was an absolute monster. Unfortunately, this cornered him slightly into how he could function only as an extremity. He was a beast, or if demoted, he had to be a comedic figure. Otherwise, he was redundant. Looking back to his loss at Wrestlemania 31, this should have functioned as the end of his Cena feud, and for him to try and prove his worth by plowing not through the beloved Cena, but for the company itself, and The Authority functions as a brilliant target. This is still doable.



This is my personal favourite. I have discussed before how The Wyatt Family are running out A-list wrestlers to win feuds to function as the spark to rebuild a terrifying empire. For this reason, this speaks for itself. These are Triple H and Wyatt are two power freaks, one after the alleged ‘best for the company’, whereas Wyatt’s image of a dominated company is definitely different and mysterious. We never need to truly understand what the Wyatts are up to when they sabotage Raw by screwing with the equipment and tapping into the commentary. They just are, and not even the owners of the company know how to contain them.


While Stephanie McMahon has clearly been irritated with Ambrose in the past, particularly being dragged of after various antics, but even then, the centre of attention was Rollins more than The McMahons. It was never going to be of much circumstance to the Authority as a whole. Argue all you like that this is over and done with, but Ambrose (albeit far goofier) is the closest that the WWE has to a Stone Cold figure with regards to a mischief and chaos that he can cause. More so than he has been booked to. If anybody is going to blast Triple H out of the ring with a beer truck, it’s prankster Ambrose. Reigns comes across as far more appropriate in this angle, as his anger is focused only upon Rollins, rather than simply being a lunatic that is impossible to contain.



Kane is on his way out of the Authority (presumably), so a realliance with The Undertaker (something that belongs on his bucket list, even if he is the ‘Deadman’) means that hate for The Authority leaks to the outside, and there are now two demonic problems for Triple H to be having troubles with even if he and The Undertaker don’t have a singles match again. Sure we have seen Triple H vs Undertaker at two consecutive Wrestlemanias, but consider this more a Kane rivalry, and it could work just fine. So long as you can look past the combined century-old age of the tag-team.



Now this really is a wildcard, and a long way down the line, but far more practical than it sounds. For example, a regrettable alliance with Triple H, due to his attachment to NXT, for help getting in a match with Kevin Owens, only to be entangled in The Authority’s evil ways, and now a babyface, causing them difficulties en route to Owens in a high profile match.

Their likelihood, besides Rollins, are relatively slim, and some understandably more so, however they should at least be a possibility. They are doable, and could lead to all sorts of fun surprises in the future. Never an impossibility. Nothing should be completely solid in the overly predictable world of wrestling booking. Now that the Authority has been built as this invincible structure, it needs a figure to knock it down.

Who do you think should be the figure to REALLY ruin Triple H and friends’ day? Comments below!

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