The Diva Division NEEDS Sasha Banks… but perhaps not just yet…

Let’s face it. The Diva Division is in desperate need of personality, and for there to be a personality there needs to be opposition. There is a curious irony in how this alleged revolution began with a title change to somebody whose personality was very secondary, with her athleticism coming very much first. It had been far too long since we had seem anything but the face just being slightly less of a bitch than the heel. Charlotte vs Banks is the primary feud that really should be brewing until Bayley arrives. The, well… Diva-like personality of Banks is polar opposite to Charlotte’s sportsperson persona. Similarly Banks functions as the nastier opposite of the truly babyfaced Bayley, who fans eagerly await in the main roster.

Sasha Banks. She is forgiven for staring at me like that 1. Because she is awesome, and 2. I could really do without those 'BOSS' steel knuckles in my face.
Sasha Banks. She is forgiven for staring at me like that 1. Because she is awesome, and 2. I could really do without those ‘BOSS’ steel knuckles in my face.

Fans should be happy for Banks’ arrival as she approaches Charlotte in particular, in a bubbling feud that explodes when Bayley eventually arrives. However, there’s a big problem. WWE have had a terrible habit of ignoring feuds when they aren’t directly fighting. The Shield has worked marvelously, as we know that come around Wrestlemania, they will find each other again. Similarly, it’s widely pleaded for that there is a similar ongoing feud between Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens, even if they don’t face each other every week. It is what is required more often, and The Diva Division never bother.

Banks has essentially had two ‘debut’ like events on RAW, and for this reason, all eyes and ears should be on her, but they most certainly are not. This post is about where those debuts went wrong, and how she has one more chance for a third. A sadly, final chance to bring the heartstring tugging emotion of the rise of the ‘Four Horsewomen’. Banks hasn’t met other NXT personalities much at all in WWE Raw time, and fans should at least have been teased and reminded of this, in the knowledge that at some point in the near future, it’ll happen. Yet ironically, in spite of the desire for Sasha Banks to save us (although that is not to detract one bit how brilliant Charlotte and Becky Lynch are, there just need a brilliant heel), I think that she needs to disappear for a while. More on that a little later.


Remember this? It’s almost as though outside of Cole’s “some say (insert wrestler) began the Diva Revolution”. The answer I’m afraid is that if anyone did, it certainly didn’t happen on RAW. The problem began on Day 1. The ‘Diva Revolution’ if you like. Which you don’t like. No one likes that term. Not the ‘Diva’ just for being ‘Diva’, and not the ‘Revolution’ because it was nothing close to a revolution, and presumably never will be. There was of course one terrific moment that came on RAW on 13th July 2015. There was a brilliant aura of air-punching as Stephanie McMahon welcomed Sasha Banks, Becky Lynch and Charlotte to the arena. It was great fun as there was a stare down and the teams automatically formed right there. The following morning Bleacher Report scored this section with an ‘A++++++’. Within minutes though, deep down, it was quite obvious that WWE weren’t simply going to brush away the other WWE personnel. Very quickly, my mood plummeted after I saw McMahon’s smug self-righteous grin once too many times.

There were just too many people there, and in the knowledge of how respected the three new ‘Divas’ were, it was a pity to see their presence be diluted. Already, Sasha Banks was unwelcome, in spite of being one of, if not the most beloved female wrestler on the planet. The heel slot was occupied by the Bellas, and the NXT women were there to claim the belt – something that Banks was not appropriate for so long as The Bellas were around. It was easily going to go two different ways: 1. For Charlotte to take on the Bellas, and 2. For Team PCB to crumble due to arrogance from Diva Revolution starter Paige. Sure enough both have happened, without missing link Sasha Banks in sight anywhere.


What a stunning event that PPV was, featuring WWE’s first Women’s Iron Man match, and there was quite an impressive promo before the first Diva match of this RAW to remind everybody, but Banks’ unwelcomeness was apparent once again. She might be The Boss, and she arrogantly knows that she is the best. It’s just a pity that the main roster won’t appreciate that power. Not that it matters anyway. As the Charlotte/Nikki Bella rematch is to take place at Hell in a Cell 2015, one would hope that there might be a new spot for her, but no. That’s occupied now by Paige, since her bitchy ‘Paigebomb’ promo is leading to the crumble of Team PCB (I still prefer the ‘Submission Sorority’). Even Charlotte, in spite of being champion, is booked in a lower priority than the Bellas, Natalya and Paige. It’s the same as it has been for years, yet with the title actually removed.

Besides, after that promo, everything hit rock bottom. It was horrifying. Brie Bella took hold of the microphone mid-match to taunt a possibly envious Naomi and the audience who were chanting for Sasha. Not only was it excruciatingly whiny (as though that comes as any surprise), but once again even the Sasha taunting was aimed at irritating Naomi. However, once again, Team B.A.D. remain independent somewhat, and if anybody was most angered by Bella, it was presumably Naomi.

Oh, and in her brief tag-team match the following week, she lost.


If Sasha Banks must remain on RAW, then she ironically has only one choice if she wishes to avoid three-minute squash matches, and that is to not appear at all for the next few weeks. Perhaps even months. Someone with such a big personality needs room to accumulate fury and ego before plowing back into the show to a very happy audience, presumably to take down Paige. However, how can this be done? What can Sasha do to fill the time, but remain in the public eye? Either way, there are two key aims: Keeping Sasha present, and to continue to tease that her and Bayley may meet again one day. Here are a few ideas.

One More NXT Takeover?: Needless to say, I really fancy this idea, simply on the grounds that I will be at NXT Takeover: London. It’s also the simplest suggestion. Her last couple of matches with Bayley have been phenomenal, so a third in a sold out Wembley Arena wouldn’t go amiss. The problems arise however as we consider that Bayley’s latest feud with Alexa Bliss has arisen with no place for Sasha Banks. On top of that, there is plenty enough female talent in NXT, such as Asuka, Nia Jax, the vastly improved Dana Brooke, the ever-present Emma and often underrated Carmella. Finally there’s the fact that it would call for a third simultaneous loss to Bayley. That said, it might at least be nice for Banks to appear in a second women’s match, and for there later to be a less than amicable stare-down to suggest that their paths will cross one day, especially a smug look if Bliss wins.

Forming a loud but not necessarily leading role in a Team NXT: I really like this on the grounds that this is what the Diva Revolution should have been to begin with, as attention to the women had no doubt been brought to the main roster by the NXT alumni. The idea of awkward relationships between the WWE members (Bella, Naomi and Paige) and the NXT members (Charlotte, Becky and Banks) would add an extra dimension. This is especially decent as everybody is properly involved, and it would be a big issue if the plot is not resolved, as the NXT team can crumble upon the arrival of Bayley, and for an unhappy Banks to gun straight for her.

Just disappear for a few weeks: Or even months. It seems like a total cop out, but it is a scenario that I have written about before, and how being an intriguing character online as she has been (albeit humorously) alongside The New Day, has made her and Team B.A.D. bizarrely more three-dimensional, in maintaining relationships good and bad even when not at each other’s throats. Part of me, due to her horrifying puns and popularity online says that Becky Lynch could do with this too. Perhaps Becky needs her own article, as her role has been to console Charlotte when anything goes wrong, and that’s about it. I could talk about her forever here.

Besides, look who you’re upsetting in not giving her what she wants?

You monsters, WWE.

Anyway, that’s about it. Hopefully WWE will come to regret their first two failures and give the latter ideas some suggestion. What Diva/Women’s booking ideas do you have, however ridiculous?


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