Predicting WWE Hell in a Cell 2015

This year, Hell in a Cell looks as though it has an incredible card, with it being a ‘night of champions’ – every single title is on offer. On top of this, there are two of the night’s signature gimmick matches – Hell in a Cell, neither of which is for a belt, but sheer fury. What is not to love? It sounds like it’s set to be one very important night. Sadly, the wrestling community will inevitably be a little unhappy with just about everything. It’s tradition. Nosing around the bookings, here is an attempt at predicting how the matches will unfold during Hell in a Cell 2015.


While just a rematch of this from this week’s Raw, that match was decent enough fun for a pre-show and as a whole, quite a good idea. After all, it is a compilation of wrestlers who are in desperate need of exposure, and a couple that could really do with a boost. For example, in spite of being Mr Money in the Bank, Sheamus needs a big win. On top of this, Dolph Ziggler has been hinted as the next man to have a substantial attempt at snatching John Cena’s US Championship, in a feud lasting longer than a week. A feud with Cena will more than bring Ziggler back to his feet on the card, and will provide a much needed win for Sheamus (as well as the sinking Rusev, and the fully sunken King Barrett). But what makes me so sure? WWE’s fixation with squashing Cesaro and Neville.

That said, this was a last minute booking after Randy Orton had to sit out, so don’t expect it to have too many long term effects…

Winner: Rusev, Sheamus and King Barrett

Ending: Pin after a Brogue Kick to Dolph Ziggler.

Length: Eleven minutes.

Quality: 6/10

JOHN CENA vs ??? (Open Challenge for the US Championship)

As it the ‘open challenge’ hadn’t been a success enough (at being an entertaining portion, and upseting when it ‘buries’ all the finishers of his opponents as they never take him down), this really is something to be tantalized by, as well as something that WWE should do more often. If they are going to upset people with the inevitable results of their matches, there should at least be a surprise or mystery in there for some silver lining. At Night of Champions, WWE cleverly kept Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns’ tag team partner secret until their entrance on the night. On top of this, in spite of the superstar appeal of Chris Jericho, his tag team lost in a brilliant match against The Wyatt Family – and it was his fault. Can WWE keep this creative ball rolling?

On that subject, I gave Jericho a consideration here, but amidst recent news that Tyler Breeze is teetering on the edge of promotion, as well the possibility of Takeover: London functioning as his NXT finale (a match for promotion anybody, so he can actually win for once?), suggests that this could be the next teaser of NXT talent in the main roster. Breeze may be brilliant, but his singles matches haven’t often not blown fans away, so I expect that this match will be good, but more about introducing fans to this character for the future.

Winner: John Cena

Ending: Pin after the standard AA routine. In a similar vein to Owens’ post-match canvas powerbomb, Breeze will deliver a selfie stick to the back of Cena’s head. Cue a selfie being plastered online of a pained Cena besides a gorgeously pouting Breeze.

Length: Twelve minutes.

Quality: 7/10

CHARLOTTE vs NIKKI BELLA (for the Divas Championship)

It upsets me to even be writing this. Remember when the ‘Diva Revolution’ began and there was a surge for the women? One of the dreamy subjects on people’s lips was the possibility that the women could feature in that cell as NXT women were not only getting extra time, but were getting match kinds that WWE hadn’t in the past. Most recently the Iron Man match at Takeover: Respect. Where better place to start than a great match behind some wire? Nothing outrageous like getting the ladders out just yet. Women in the cell would have been a great statement in this alleged revolution.

But things are now back to their worst. Banks losing in three minutes to a dropkick, Lynch smiling besides Charlotte and not a lot more, and Charlotte’s title is overnight unimportant again. It is already secondary in plot with the Bellas being on the mic, and Paige and Nattie bickering. Now more plot driven than ever, the competitive sport-like format that NXT is beloved for has already collapsed. I don’t expect this match to end cleanly at all. Nor will it be anywhere near as long as the Night of Champions match, on the grounds that it won’t be as monumental. I so want to be wrong though.

Winner: No contest.

Ending: A brawl between Natalya and Paige will begin at ringside, and leak into the ring, causing a no contest. This will start the ball rolling for Nikki (fed up of her chance being sabotaged) versus Paige (the bitchiest bitch on premises, defeating Natalya on RAW for that third spot) versus Charlotte for the championship at Survivor Series. Thrilling.

Length: Nine minutes

Quality: 5/10

KEVIN OWENS vs RYBACK (for the Intercontinental Championship)

Kevin Owens is a brilliantly deserving champion, and many would like to see him hold on to it for a long time to come – especially until Sami Zayn resurfaces. Can WWE be naïve enough to snatch Owens’ title yet? I certainly hope not, considering that it was won during a nine-minute long match. There are many, many mid-card wrestlers who could be after that title, but if WWE aren’t keen on starting another feud with someone unrelated overnight, NXT alumni seem the only way to go.

My wildcard prediction here would be two temporary tag teams, keeping Ryback and Kevin Owens at each others throats for a few weeks while Owens and his partner begin a feud between themselves, fed up of Owens cheating ways. Cesaro or Neville maybe?

Owens deserves so much better, but with so much going on tonight, I imagine that it will sadly be around the ten-minute mark again.

Winner: Kevin Owens

Ending: A desperate eye rake, missed by the referee, to counter a second Shell Shocked gets Owens time for a pop-up powerbomb and the pin.

Length: Ten minutes.

Rating: 6/10

SETH ROLLINS vs KANE (for the World Heavyweight Championship. If Kane loses, Corporate Kane retires)

Yes, you read that correctly. Not only is Kane in the running for the WHC (with enough chance that his involvement sabotaged the end of Night of Champions), but there is a ridiculous stipulation here. Is anybody expected to care? This might have been favourable in the day of Mick Foley’s multiple personas, but not now. Were it Demon Kane, who fans have wanted back for ages (although he has already been mismanaged terribly), then there might be upset, but it is a stipulation so absurd that there is no way it won’t be fulfilled.

This is presumably a plot point – the next step within the industrial side, finding his way towards a match against Triple H circa Wrestlemania 32 (continuing the tradition of sticking his nose where he might not belong, such as Daniel Bryan and Sting) and/or Roman Reigns. Everyone knows that the Rollins/Kane feud has nowhere to go, and if it does, it is clearly filler. Still, I’m sure Rollins will show off well once again, although the match itself will be little to write home about.

Winner: Seth Rollins

Ending: Pin by Seth Rollins

Length: Thirteen minutes

Rating: 6/10

THE NEW DAY vs THE DUDLEY BOYZ (For the Tag Team Championship)

This has been teased seemingly no end, not that that has been a problem. The New Day have been hilarious for the last few weeks. While the excitement of The Dudley Boyz being on the premises has faded a little since the massive pop that they got on their surprise return to RAW, not a lot has passed without foul play, and that’s including their first PPV meeting at Night of Champions.

Considering how weeks of The New Day’s logic behind the feud has been around the Dudleyz’ disrespect for furniture, I wouldn’t be at all surprised were this the breaking point for Woods’ trombone and The New Day chase the Dudleyz not only for their title back, but for the respect of music. It’s been long enough. The Dudleyz need it sometime or another. I think that Hell in a Cell will be it, all down to the fact that Woods wasn’t there to give The New Day their musical motivation.

Winner: The Dudley Boyz

Ending: After Xavier Woods repeatedly tries to yank legs to stop pins, but the Dudleyz deliver a trombone to his face, follow by a Whassup? to Big E, and a final 3D through a table on Kofi for the pin.

Length: Twelve minutes

Rating: 7/10


On paper, this deserves a whole lot of attention. To begin with, this is a feud that dates back to the now legendary Shield/Wyatt matches of early 2014. The Wyatts got a slight reinvigoration with the introduction of the mysterious Brawn Strowman. Wyatt and Reings had a brilliant singles match on RAW. Erick Rowan got a surprise return. The impromptu Shield reunion this last RAW was a real shocker.

Unfortunately, it hasn’t been pulled off that as well as it could have. They did terribly at hyping up the return of Rowan (clearly there only to provide an additional monster figure at ringside at Hell in a Cell), and made a very poor choice in ever deciding to give Reigns the microphone these last couple of weeks.

I have been intrigued by the cancellation of Ambrose’s match from the pre-show, as I refuse to believe that he won’t be here to brawl with at least one of the Wyatt Family, subsequently providing enough of a distraction for a win by Reigns. This predictability does not necessarily equal a bad match. I reckon that it will be the match of the night, but Bray Wyatt would benefit the most for a win. However, as we can observe that Rollins is finding his way full circle back towards Reigns, Reigns has presumably been occupied by the Wyatts for too long for this not to be a big final win against Bray before moving on.

Winner: Roman Reigns

Ending: Wyatt will be startled when Reigns kicks out of a second Sister Abigail. Rowan and Strowman will attempt to break into the cell, but will fail when one gets a blow to the face from Reigns, and the other from Ambrose to the rescue. One spear and a Superman Punch later, Reigns gets the pin.

Length: Seventeen minutes.

Quality: 8/10


In spite of there being a massive lot of people guaranteed to become involved in the drama during Wyatt vs Reigns, it is this match that I expect any novelty with regards to the cell breaking and the fight leaking outside of it. No Hell in a Cell or Elimination Chamber event would be complete with a spot that defeats the purpose of the stipulation in the first place. Lesnar and Taker being monsters, and them being the final match of the night, they will be the guys responsible.

Undertaker has come across as far more human in recent weeks, and especially during his RAW promo this week, as he summoned Lesnar to the ring, and for this reason, it could be very interesting, but considering just how untouchable Brock Lesnar is in singles matches, a win for The Undertaker will presumably be due to a nasty accident involving the cell, and/or someone somehow interrupting when they weren’t meant to be in the cell in the first place. My guess is that it will be even until one seriously hacked Kane from earlier gets involved. It’s a shame, but remember… this is WWE.

Winner: The Undertaker

Ending: After an exchange of finishers, and a kickout even after Lesnar gets a Tombstone on a panel from the cell, Lesnar is finally startled enough to be pinned, when Kane’s pyrotechnics go off, followed by an awkward stare between Kane and Undertaker, reuniting the Brothers of Destruction. As always, WWE will forget to disqualify anyone.

Length: Seventeen minutes.

Quality: 7/10

And that’s that. There are some moments that I want, and others that I’d rather not, but that’s my shot out it. What’s yours?

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