A ‘haunted’ feud between Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose could be a very bad idea

Dean Ambrose vs Seth Rollins at Hell in a Cell 2014, is one of the most eagerly awaited matches in months, there to bring the end to a chapter of a feud that has captured the audience more than any other in years. Finally, nobody was going to intervene, and Ambrose and Rollins could get twenty minutes to themselves to finally beat the hell out of one another.


The match was good, but not without its flaws. To start with, Noble, Mercury and of course Kane still managed to get involved. Also, it would have been much better had the climb up the cell had happened later in the bout, instead of the match itself lasting just over half of the duration of the Orton vs Cena bout earlier in the night, when they finally made it to the ring. It was a fight that really should have escalated throughout, when all it eventually did was the opposite. Shock and suspense atop the cell, followed by a decent battle, followed by, what I’m here to talk about. That ending.

Erm.. hi?
Erm.. hi?

Wyatt’s shock appearance was alright, but it was pulled off terribly. Of course it seems as though it was at the wrong time, and should have waited just one day for Monday Night RAW (or even just five minutes, until a fair pi). That said, it was great to extend the feud a bit, give Rollins time to probably feud with Orton for a while, before colliding once again (hopefully without intervention from Kane or, by that point, Roman Reigns).

Either way, the invasion finally achieved something that WWE have attempted to do for a very long time but have never been able to pull off – make us hate Bray Wyatt. A while ago I suggested that the Wyatt Family could destroy an episode of RAW to make a spectacular comeback. Bray did everything that could have done, and more.

I am half glad it happened. I have said before that it would be great for Wyatt to return to feud with somebody for a reason other that trying to drive them mad and/or join his family, as had become the tired loop with Daniel Bryan, John Cena and Chris Jericho. For something new, what’s better than putting him opposite somebody who is already a lunatic?

Unfortunately, what this means is either downplaying one wrestler’s character to put them on the same sanity level for a more personal feud, or make Wyatt especially strange to find justify a feud. The first would be disappointing as it dilutes their larger-than-life characters, but at least something different. However, the fact that Ambrose/Rollins had been such a personal feud says that we’re going for the latter. The one thing that stood out to suggest that, was this thing:

A ghost? It's not the first time that the supernatural has invaded WWE... but shouldn't be the next.
A ghost? It’s not the first time that the supernatural has invaded WWE… but shouldn’t be the next.

We don’t yet know what this really means. Was it a daft scary moment, or are we going to hear more about whoever this person is? Chatter obviously says that this might be the often mentioned, tragic ‘Sister Abigail’.

The cult of Bray Wyatt was ridiculous, and it is his character. He is never meant to be understood, and the moment that everything is explained, outside of a highly personal feud, would be damaging to Wyatt. WWE has toyed with the supernatural before with various wrestlers, and technically still does considering Kane’s habit of making turnbuckles explode. Still, they haven’t made it part of a plot in a long time. No possessions and exorcisms. No vampires. No haunting and so on. It was a habit of The Brood and the Ministry of Darkness that must not return. Yet with a new twist on Wyatt being required, what can WWE do?

The appeal of Wyatt is how he clearly believes in total gibberish, plugging a family which nobody understands. That craziness is what makes Wyatt. However, this moment says that the WWE are about to bring sense to his beliefs, and even portray them as true. It sounds ridiculous, but it’s not like with haven’t seen the supernatural in the ring before.

Remember this guy?
Remember this guy?

It took until The Undertaker shed the supernatural implications from his mid-90s character to bring out his best. It wasn’t supernatural anymore, but became a clear scare tactic. The idea of staging creepy things such as the amazing entrances at Wrestlemania shows meant that the fact that there was no magic involved was no secret, but more a human plan to intimidate his opponent. It didn’t matter that it portrayed the image of the Undertaker ordering fireworks, because its purpose was not to show he was magical, but he wanted to be as imposing as possible. For many years, his battles have not been related to his character. He had standard personal feuds with Shaun Michaels, a very insensitive collision with CM Punk, and ended his Wrestlemania streak in a match with Lesnar, that happened for no real reason.

As of 2014, Wyatt is not in such a position to sideline everything that his character means, His status is sealed after getting the last laugh (literally) at a PPV, months after we all thought he had been buried forever by Cena. He is in a great position, but dangerously teeters between the boring and the ridiculous. Not only mustn’t Wyatt come across as magical (please no more appearing in cells. It was annoying enough at Elimination Chamber), he must never come across as correct about his beliefs.

This feud, after ending such an important match at HIAC, needs to be perfect. However, right now, nobody is sure what perfect means. Could it be that Wyatt should be a more intelligent Mankind figure. Seemingly possessed, but has mind-bending plans ready, rather than sprinkling thumbtacks? We are yet to get a real explanation of what Bray Wyatt is up to, and it may be easy to resolve, but the idea of plot having to bring an aura of magic in, is not a good one.


2 thoughts on “A ‘haunted’ feud between Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose could be a very bad idea

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  1. You are a terrible writer. You offered literalky no facts or statements based on anything apart from your belief they each are creepy.

    1. You’re welcome…

      The fact of the matter is that we DON’T KNOW where this is all going, therefore making this speculative. Nobody but WWE Creative can add much more to the opaque facts and statements that you’re after, that we all know about Ambrose and Wyatt already. Should nobody have reminisced about what all of that meant at HIAC, or are we not allowed to discuss it until we have an answer? These are ‘what if’s. This was written before the following RAW, and even then Wyatt’s promo added no answers or meaning to the HIAC invasion.

      The point I am trying to make is that a feud between these two could be great, but might result in either one character being calmed down, or one will be made too ridiculous, unless pulled off perfectly. That supernatural HIAC invasion came across as though Wyatt would be becoming too wacky. I stated why.

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