Who should and who will win at Hell in a Cell 2014?: Predictions

Now that we all know what the card is, it seems that there is a popular opinion – that Hell in a Cell 2014 has the capacity to be fantastic.

It provides degrees of closure to so many feuds with most of its matches, giving it potential to be a compilation of grand finales. However, this also makes the outcomes of many of the matches incredibly important. Hell in a Cell has to be executed perfectly. Will it live up to the potential?

Here are some predictions and desires.


That contract means nothing today Rollins...
That contract means nothing today Rollins…

Who should win?: Dean Ambrose

Who will win?: Dean Ambrose

Will this match be good?: 8/10

This is the match that most are looking forward to. These two have been at each other’s throats for months. Or rather, Ambrose has been at Rollins’ throat for as long as he can before Rollins evacuates. Their regular tours of arenas during tussles have made HIAC the perfect location to bring closure to their feud. Nobody is going anywhere.

For this reason, part of me doesn’t want this to be the closing match, so no twists such as the cage breaking and other wrestlers intervening can’t happy, considering how there will be another HIAC match later.

It’s a kind of meeting that we have never seen from these two before, and for this reason, we are all intrigued by just how well these two can hold a great match without big bumps and jumps. Better still, there is no stipulation. It isn’t for the MITB case. It’s just to give Ambrose and Rollins to beat the hell out of one another. What’s not to love?

Ambrose needs a while away from Rollins, and to do so, he needs new problems. Part of me wants Lesnar to be present and for Rollins to totally screw with proceedings, as Cena/Orton end up fighting for a match against who they weren’t expecting. Unlikely though. He will presumably become tangled with whoever loses the Cena/Orton bout. Speaking of which…



Will we be seeing this again at Survivor Series, or will it be The Viper dishing out RKOs OUTTA NOWHERE?
Will we be seeing this again at Survivor Series, or will it be The Viper dishing out RKOs OUTTA NOWHERE?

Who should win?: Randy Orton

Who will win?: John Cena

Will this match be good?: 7/10

I’m glad that this match is happening, rather than the last of three consecutive Cena/Lesnar bouts. Considering just how hyped up the power of Brock Lesnar is, he needs to hold onto this for a bit longer, and although this is the 3264th headlining Cena/Orton fight, there aren’t any other top-card wrestlers who aren’t preoccupied. Besides, many people want to see Randy Orton take on Lesnar, However, as with everyone else, I think that this was set up extremely poorly. Cena sadly couldn’t get his match against Rollins so sadly he’s only having to make do with the opportunity.

However, I think that this match will have a messy closure, resulting in Cena getting his next title shot, while an intervention from Rollins, or anybody in the Authority, could result in Orton’s upcoming face turn, in a rivalry against them. Orton will get to take on Lesnar eventually, but presumably in a Triple Threat as a compromise.

While Orton should probably win, I was surprisingly unsure about this. No one wants to see a Cena win, but it’s too early for Orton’s face turn. Orton needs a push, and had a little moment to point out that he was still there in a brilliant match against Dolph Ziggler on RAW. However, while I think Orton could do with being a heel for longer first. The fallout of the match-up to be step one of a babyface turn as Authority tension builds. For this reason, I think that the match will end really messily. Due to the WWE’s love affair with DQs and no contests, two clean HIAC matches in a row is highly unlikely.

Still, this match could be good, albeit not necessarily match of the night. I imagine that Lesnar will be present, and he will beat down the winner, perhaps as terrifying warning against the guy he’s going to face.

Ideally, Orton will win, and his departure from the Authority will begin after difficulty surrounding his Lesnar fight, feuding with Rollins as a result, before working his way back around to that belt, perhaps winning the Royal Rumble. Then with Orton away from Rollins, it will be Roman Reigns’ turn at Rollins, provoking a Triple Threat between them in the future.


For the Intercontinental Championship


Who should win?: Dolph Ziggler

Who will win?: Dolph Ziggler

Will this match be good?: 8/10

First, I got excited about this match. Already, there were two respected wrestlers on what is presumably the third and final time of the feud. Then I read the rules, and things only got better: Two-out-of-three falls. This could well be one of those matches that snatches the gold as ‘match of the night’ from the main event.

As tempting as it is to say that the new guy should win, Ziggler needs a win, so not to have been a terrible champion. That and how that belt needs to stay in one place for at least a little while longer, as with each of its rapid movements, its value and importance seem to trickle away. Two-out-of-three falls gives plenty of time for the loser to show off, and if there  is enough tension left between Sheamus and Cesaro, then Cesaro will refuse to disappear for a while.

On the subject of Sheamus…



Who should win?: Sheamus

Who will win?: The Miz

Will this match be good?: 6/10

I’m surprised by how glad I am that this match is happening. Finally, Sandow is getting the exposure that he deserves, appearing in a relatively important role at a PPV. Sorry… Mizdow.

really want this to be surprisingly good, with a breakout by Sandow. It needs to be pulled off incredibly well, so that it isn’t just a brief silly match. We saw Cesaro and Sheamus have an amazing brawl a few weeks ago. This mustn’t be a plummet in standard. He is not a man to be wasted for the sake of humour.

Sadly, I think that this match will end with Sheamus accidentally pinning Mizdow, tricking him, leading to a win for The Miz. This could work, but only if Sheamus vengefully and shockingly beats the hell out of them both afterwards. That could make a great ending, but would it happen? Probably not.


For the Tag Team Championship


Who should win?: Goldust & Stardust

Who will win?: The Usos

Will it be good?: 7/10

Another inevitable finale to this feud, means that that belt is going back to The Usos, and so they will move on to their next Tag Team rivals, who they will battle for a couple of PPVs.

Sadly, I think they are fast on their way to become a John Cena figure of the Tag Team division, as each feud ends with The Usos leaving with the belt. Everyone is expecting for The Usos to win for this very reason. How about it stays in the Dust Brothers’ hands for a while, and for the transition to take place on RAW in a match with more than two tag teams?

Still, I expect this match to be pretty decent. Wyatts/Usos’ big final match at Battleground was fantastic, so it’s known that no matter what the outcome is, it is possible to put on a grand finale.



Who should win?: Paige

Who will win?: Paige

Will it be good?: 6/10

So much bickering between the Bellas meant that I had already forgotten about these two. Shame really.

I would much rather that Paige had the title and took it into another rivalry as the holder has switched between Lee and Paige five times. AJ Lee has become almost the Cena figure of the Diva circle, as the figure whose career would be in no danger were she to not be the centre of all proceedings for a few weeks. For this reason, Paige should win, but it does raise an issue. The Divas Championship, since the end of AJ Lee’s marathon 295 day reign, can’t stay on anyone’s shoulder as they skip along the catwalk, for very long.

Paige should have not lost it at Night of Champions, and would be entering this match with genuine tension, as she would have held it plenty long enough to convincingly lose it, especially as this is bound to be (or at least should be) the last singles match between Lee and Paige for quite some time.

For this reason, Paige should temporarily leave this rivalry with the belt, and give her a few months clashing with others (since we’ve just been reminded on RAW, Alicia Fox still exists), before a reprisal with AJ Lee. That hiatus would be great to hold until Wrestlemania. This is the ‘ideal’ outcome that is most likely to happen.


Is Brie going to get beaten down once again?
Is Brie going to get beaten down once again?

Who should win?: I’m not sure I really care.

Who will win?: Nikki Bella

Will it be good?: 4/10

Both are capable of a decent match. Of course Brie vs Stephanie McMahon is going down as an infamous match that turned out far better than anyone could ever have expected. In this instance though, there is little reason to care very much, and thus little reason for the WWE to bother.

There will be a massive capitalization on Daniel Bryan, as they point out more than ever that Brie Bella is the spouse of Daniel Bryan, with the mics turned way up to capture the “YES! YES! YES!” from the crowd. Under the assumption that the Ambrose/Rollins match will be a blow to the Authority, this will be the one thing attached to them that will work in their favour. For this reason, I guess that Nikki Bella will win.



Who should win?: Rusev

Who will win?: Rusev

Will it be good?: 7/10

A big amount (pun sadly intended) rides on this match. I had already predicted that this match would happen, on the grounds that Rusev had taken down Mark Henry twice. Considering Henry’s size, and being a colleague of a monster, it seemed to be a no-brainer that the only man left (aside from the invincible babyfaces, for which reason I think that Reigns will be the man to knock Rusev off of his podium when he returns) to be the final boss would be Big Show.

There doesn’t seem to be any particularly good result to this match. Rusev being too powerful if he wins. Rusev defeated leaves him with nowhere to go. As a result, they just need to have a very good and very tense match that makes even the loser come across as powerful.

This will probably end with a Rusev victory, but there will be a crowd pleasing post-match brawl, maybe involving Mark Henry, ganging up on Rusev. That, or Mark Henry will turn on Big Show, sparking Henry’s heel turn.

So, thoughts anyone?

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