Dean Ambrose & The Wyatt Family: Could They Have a Future Together?

For anyone who had forgotten that Bray Wyatt and friends were there, a promo was released this week. So, who is going to be tangled in a feud with him if he really is going to return after Hell in a Cell?

Hell in a Cell really should be the moment at which the Ambrose/Rollins feud is at least put on a hiatus. But what then? First, who on the upper card will be spare after HIAC? John Cena has had a pretty dull tussle with Dean Ambrose over the last few weeks, but the humble response from Cena says that their rivalry is over for the time being, considering the stipulation of the feud is sorted. Besides, he is too preoccupied with Lesnar, and presumably Orton for a while, if only to provide filler for when Lesnar isn’t around.

Orton’s babyface is inevitable eventually (though I wish he’d have a little longer as a heel), and seems to be a great route for him, as a feud between himself and Rollins, who is fast taking Orton’s place in the Authority, makes him the next man to be the direct rival of the most powerful stable in WWE. Of course, this is just a lot of ‘what ifs’, but they all seem relatively likely.

Either way though, none of the other top card seem to fit the bill of who Ambrose really needs. All except maybe the Wyatts. It’s been lamented for a while that Bray Wyatt was quite buried after his Cena feud. The only way for him to really climb to the top would be opposite a newer talent who is in top flight, rather than the irritatingly generic veterans. I don’t think that anyone fits the requirments better than Bray.

I think the potential Ziggler/Wyatt feud that has been rumoured for a while will be a short transition period as Ambrose and Wyatt come closer. However, what would be their best connection?


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This option sounds like great fun, and just the different approach that Bray Wyatt needs. He has attempted to drive the relatively normal wrestlers into insanity, beginning with Bryan, then Cena, and then Jericho. This format is getting old, and only the Bryan rivalry worked particularly well. Wyatt needs a new method of exposure, rather than the same looping procedure.

There is a pattern. At the times of the rivalries, the opponents have been detached from the championships, and it was all about personal spats. As it turns out, that’s exactly the case for Ambrose at the moment.

Ambrose, character-wise is the polar opposite of Wyatt’s past rivals. He is a nutcase already, and the ideal ‘different’ man to face. In fact, Ambrose almost seems to be the only higher card man to have a ‘different’ persona. In the mid-card is Ziggler. I think that this completely what the Ziggler feud would be for, but Ambrose’s vacancy and Wyatt’s need for a push says that this could happen.

If Wyatt is to find his way at the top again any time soon, Ambrose might just be the perfect gateway. Yet there is one glaring problem with their characters. Not only would two nutcases been brilliantly destructive, but also it could be remarkably dull. However talented both men are, when it comes to plot and promos, they leach off of the normality of those that they are against, to be more imposing. Two lunatics might not be twice the madness, but cancel each other out.

That said, that might only be outside of the ring. In matches, they could definitely have some awesome tussles.


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Luke Harper has been cured and set free by Bray Wyatt. No one is 100% sure what this means. Has he left the Wyatt Family? Was that a promotion up the ranks of the Wyatts to appear independent though still part of the stable? Either way, Luke Harper is possibly on his way to a mega-push.

In fact, this mega-push could not come at a more perfect time, for the very reasons listed above. The man who is the current face of the company (whether WWE like it or not) is spare. Ambrose gets nothing out of that Hell In a Cell match beyond the opportunity to beat the hell out of Seth Rollins (unless the Money in the Bank case goes on offer), and is free. As it turns out, Luke Harper needs an independent opponent fast, before fading into relative obscurity.

This seems a bit more practical with regards to character, as we don’t yet know how different a character that Luke Harper is when not beside Bray Wyatt. He will be making more appearances at the microphone, rather than just staring into the crowd with eyes wide enough to fall out.

For this reason, Ambrose/Harper might not have the personality clash conundrum that Ambrose/Wyatt could have. However, there’s no clue how well this might work out. This could even be the rivalry that is used to shape Harper’s character. Enter as Wyatt Jr., yet leave slightly changed as a more independent Luke Harper, sadly at the cost of The Wyatt Family (not to say that they can’t reunite another day).

Despite the massive rush of exposure that the Wyatts received, as a new era for Harper, this might be too soon for a massive push under the wing of WWE’s biggest face. Still, this might be the most likely option.


With just possibly just two men left, The Wyatt Family aren’t much of a family anymore. Just an… ‘F’. For this reason, and on the subject of Harper, has his departure from the Wyatt Family left a Dean Ambrose shaped hole?

Daniel Bryan didn’t work as he was the all round nice guy. However, with Ambrose this could be a bit awkward yet relatively amicable, providing grounds for plot. This doesn’t necessarily mean that Ambrose would be in Wyatt gear, but partners.

So where could plot take us? Well, a couple of weeks ago I posted about how I would revive the Wyatt Family overnight, given the power – an instant domination of one episode of RAW could prove their prominence in spectacular style, even if that just meant dropping the lights every couple of matches with the irritating screech that plays whenever they enter (and I don’t mean Michael Cole) in an act of sabotage.

This kind of power that the Wyatts have might be precisely what Ambrose is after. Since he has been after Rollins, after a big victory (assuming Ambrose wins), he could be working his way up through the ranks. Many people have called for Ambrose to be the next savage Stone Cold figure in being a pain to the company, and having a nutcase army could be the perfect way in.

The big problem though comes in the form of a Mr Roman Reigns. This is quite possibly the reason that nobody has been battling the Authority that much as of late, because Reigns was meant to be doing it.

So everyone… thoughts? What would you like to see? Could any of these work? Are any of them remotely likely?


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