Why neither Roman Reigns or Seth Rollins should win at WWE Night of Champions

Credit: WWE.com
Credit: WWE.com

So, WWE Night of Champions will stage a singles match between Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins. This will inevitably be hyped up as, aside from Cena vs Lesnar, ‘the match that everyone wants to see’. After all, now all three ex-Shield members are involved in a bitter feud. The trouble is, no one really wants to see it that much.

And if we do want to see it, it’s for one reason – to get it over and done with. The idea that they are going to settle their differences once and for all, is one predicted by Sharon Glencross in her 15/09/14 Bleacher Report article (STATING THAT REIGNS SHOULD WIN), and one desired by many more, if only so Reigns stays as far away from the Ambrose/Rollins feud.

Here are a few potential outcomes:


Credit: WWE.com
Credit: WWE.com

This is the predicted option by most, as Reigns is portrayed as the invincible powerhouse. More so than the supposedly imposing beast that is Brock Lesnar, as he is presumably about to be squashed by Cena.

Surely, they would not allow Rollins, the man who had to be rescued by Kane so to win his match against the scrappy Dean Ambrose. With regards to image, it might help Reigns as he has taken down a convincing heel.

However, I disagree with Sharon Glencross that this would be the end of the feud. While they have had two great collisions this week, it would not be enough for the physical rivalry to end already. Reigns needs to slow down, and if both are to maintain their status, these are superstars who at some point need another PPV or two together.

Making matters worse with a Reigns win, as has been the case for many weeks, the much derided SuperRoman push would be plain obvious. He needs a convincing obstacle. Here we face a really big problem. This obstacle should not be Rollins.



Credit: WWE.com
Credit: WWE.com

Let’s face it. This is the least likely option at the moment so long as there is such a massive push behind Reigns at the moment. To start with this might sound great. Finally Reigns being taken down a notch in a match, as any beatdown has been part of the soap opera, and not in a match (at least without springing back to life with a spear and a ‘Superman’ punch) would be good. Reigns would have a worthy foe.

Just not now.

If Rollins wins, it is far more likely to be what sparks a feud between the two, therefore somewhat contaminating the brilliant one-on-one Ambrose/Rollins rivalry. Reigns, if losing this battle, will not be allowed to lose the war, extending the Reigns/Rollins feud.

Even if this is all out of the way by the time we see Ambrose again, it would mean a massive loss to Rollins, making him look weak, totally destroying any vengeful or spectacular return by Ambrose. The damage will have been done, and Ambrose would simply be the cherry on the cake. Rollins needs to look strong and not in total tatters before Ambrose arrives. Rollins must not leave Night of Champions looking any weaker. He has had a brilliant run on TV this week, defeating Sheamus and Jack Swagger, and if that doesn’t continue, his strength needs to at least stay the same.

This is how…


Credit: WWE.com
The Authority keep an eye on The Shield…                                                                                   Credit: WWE.com 

Ideally, this match should end in a DQ due to an intervention from somebody else in allegiance to The Authority, although not before an interesting match. Even better, make this a relatively equal match, and interfere before Reigns’ ‘moves of doom’ are unleashed. A decent match without getting that far can make Reigns not go through any unconvincing springs to life, and Rollins, Orton and Kane can leave having not been pummeled into a coma all in the space of about thirty seconds.

Sadly, while totally possible, and not outlandish, this probably wouldn’t happen, considering the beat-down on Smackdown involved Kane and Orton already. This week has seen what should have taken a month to pan out between Reigns and Rollins, being played up as a finale to something that has lasted for months, when Reigns hasn’t been truly involved in Rollins related troubles in a long time.

I am not keen on the idea of an intervention by Dean Ambrose, which is also probable. He needs to stay away or longer, playing up the destruction power of Rollins and friends, and at least for a while, prevent a tag team being created with Ambrose/Reigns when he comes to Reigns’ rescue. I imagine that this is the second most likely result, but it should not be. Keep Ambrose at bay for a while more, and maybe wait until Survivor Series for the next Ambrose/Rollins big match. This rivalry is brilliant enough that it mustn’t be worn out too soon.

At least one Authority member needs to be there for a planned attack on Reigns – not a rescue mission. This shouldn’t be a rescue for Rollins as was the case in the ‘cinder block’ match against Ambrose though. Otherwise, Rollins will appear wimpier than ever.

Reigns can leave looking strong and vengeful against whoever is the sabotage culprit. Having worn out a feud with Orton, this should probably be Kane. Plotwise, considering him working his way through the ranks of the Authority, a feud with Kane would be ideal. I’m not keen on Reigns’ mega-push, but if it absolutely has to happen, Kane is a worthy opponent to stay in his way for a couple of months before reaching the next step on the Authority hierarchy.

This means that a feud between Reigns and Rollins will be prevented for the time being, due to Reigns’ distraction by the evil counterpart. Also, Rollins won’t just be a nasty guy anymore. He is destructive, and has the dirty backstage power on par with Triple H’s ‘Plan B’s.

Those are my thoughts anyway. If anybody agrees or disagrees, then post below.

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