How I would save Bray Wyatt and his Family: INSTANT DOMINATION

Consider this an example of just how the presence of one wrestler, if used properly, can cause positive chaos without even being a central favourite. I am extremely disappointed by the bookings of recent months, and especially in the last few weeks with regards to Bray Wyatt.

Overnight domination can be exceedingly irritating and unconvincing in the WWE. Just look at Reigns and fan responses to that at the moment. The Wyatt Family on the other hand, are the one dwindling force that out of nowhere, could get away with it in spectacular fashion.


Erik Beaston today posted an article entitled ‘Examining the Downfall of Bray Wyatt as a Top Character’. It is a lament of the once demonic entity hell-bent on taking down anybody in the name of whatever Wyatt’s peculiar supernatural beliefs. Unfortunately, WWE Creative has not been especially kind to him.

The wrestling world has ranted enough to know that the answer to ‘What happened to Bray Wyatt?’ is ‘John Cena happened to Bray Wyatt’, so I won’t even bother discussing that. The fact of the matter is that preoccupation of other superstars prevents him from just getting into their heads again, and losing on the third fight at the end of the feud, as was the case with Cena. Where does one go when the face of the company is over with? How about… the company?

That personal torment method got old very quickly. He needs to do what he promised once upon a time to do – destroy ‘the machine’. Were I the personification of a new WWE Creative, then this would be the dream scenario that I think could actually work.


I don’t mean ‘domination’ as in Wyatt being the very centre of all proceedings, as even Wyatt showing up everywhere woud get dull pretty quickly. Still, The Wyatt Family can be dominant enough so that he remains a big enough constant worry to The Authority as his faux-supernatural antics could spring from nowhere at any time. This could be the Ministry of Darkness all over again, but they need a way of showing it.


Once upon a time, The Wyatt Family were invaders who could show up just about everywhere out of thin air. It was ridiculous, but nobody cared. However much Michael Cole said “who the…?!”, everyone knew that the Wyatt Family were there, and loved it. Similarly, the turnbuckles still explode whenever Kane shows up.

Many are saying that it must take a miracle for Wyatt’s status to be redeemed. I think it could be done in less than three hours. Coming to think about it, he has a haunting enough character that he doesn’t even need to be in the building. If the Wyatts can appear to spook out whoever is in the ring, when just appearing on the screen and the lights go out, after that annoying static screech, even though we know that a technician has just flipped a switch, then I see no reason that they can’t go one better. After all, this isn’t your run of the mill nutcase. He is The Eater of Worlds.

Once upon a time, CM Punk took a seat at the TitanTron and broke the fourth wall, and shook up the wrestling world in just a few minutes. It was incredible. Later, Daniel Bryan took the lead of the somewhat satirical Occupy RAW movement, and it was instrumental in creating Bryan’s spectacular presence at Wrestlemania XXX, as well as one of the matches of the year, against Triple H.

Wyatt’s character, and the fact that he has two buddies alongside him, can seal more presence. In just one episode of RAW, everything could be well and truly screwed with. Mentally. Physically. Technically. A massive sabotage that could have all of those night’s proceedings screwed with. And this isn’t just one man either. He has two others to intervene as well in the form of Harper and Rowan. If you’ve ever seen Inglourious Basterds, you might know what I mean.

Although I don’t mean unloading machine guns on Hitler and burning down the premises, staring down the Authority on screen and showing a power throughout the episode to ruin everything that a select stable, ideally The Authority are involved in, could be the ideal spark not only to show that the Wyatt Family are still there, but they are dangerous. So long as this domination isn’t too overstated and irritating. They’re not the new rulers, but there are the most imposing foes that the Authority has had collectively, even if there is no reason behind it beyond being a platform for Bray to scream his nonsense scriptures, promoting believes that no one ever needs to understand.

Wyatt needs this special method due to his personality. He is plot driven. He isn’t there just to be irritating to the Authority, and he’s not meant to care about belts either, although we have reason to believe that that’s sadly to change in the coming weeks as a feud begins with Dolph Ziggler. For the record, I think a feud overcoming a more athletic wrestler is great, as was the case with Wyatt vs Bryan, but it’s a different ball game if a championship is involved.

And best of all, wouldn’t it be great to pull the plug on Michael Cole and friends just for a moment?


Even if the unlikely Step 1 were to happen, this is doubly unlikely, as I could see this simply as the unstoppable Reigns taking Wyatt down, and proving his worth before heading straight for Triple H at (at this rate of climbing) Wrestlemania 31. In fact, the wrestling world could see that a mile off. Cena’s finished with the Wyatts, which seems to be why Wyatt can’t be a main event again – because Cena always has to be present if something is a big deal. Reigns is the only (apparently) invincible man left.


Dean Ambrose would be the better way forward for many. Wouldn’t total chaos for a couple of weeks, a month or so after the first big onslaught from Wyatt, be the best atmosphere for Dean Ambrose to return to? It would provide a clear run for Ambrose to catch the helpless Authority, and head straight for Rollins, without a Reigns in sight. This would be the most fun that RAW, outside of a select few matches, would have had in years.

I think somehow a tangle of circumstances could result in an amazing rivalry between two nutcases, even if only for a single PPV. Perhaps this could be provoked simply due to Wyatt’s fury over his dominance being shaken by Ambrose’s return, as he joins in the backlash against the Authority. There’s even a bit of room there for a little Rollins/Wyatt match in there. Wyatt’s dominance could actually be calmed down here so not to be too in our faces, but he will have been around long enough for everyone to know that he was the source of this downfall.

This isn’t to say that Reigns would need to be written off either. Even without being an affiliate to anybody, there is one seriously pissed off Authority there, and exploiting the situation effectively, there must be a member spare to take on. Kane maybe, considering playing Reigns might require defeating a monster next.

The Authority can be in complete tatters for Reigns and Ambrose to head for them. Hell, this might almost actually justify Triple H vs Reigns.

Wyatt/Ambrose doesn’t even need to end with a winner or resolution. Ambrose is hacked off enough with Rollins that his collision with Wyatt might not even be of that much importance to him. If he loses, he’s heading for Rollins anyway, and Wyatt can still leave looking very powerful. I feel Wyatt would have to win, otherwise, he would look as though he were at the bottom of an Authority hierarchy, making this hi-jacking a bit redundant. Wyatt is powerful, and Ambrose gets a great ‘underdog’ story like Daniel Bryan did. Wyatt/Bryan ended in a victory by Wyatt, only aiding underdog status. Everyone would be a winner, and the context is more than different enough to work again.

I reckon such a feud could take us all of the way to Royal Rumble 2015.

  1. VS ???

If Reigns didn’t end this dominance by the time Ambrose returned, he would do it here. He would apparently rescue the company, although with all three ex-Shield members attached somewhat for or against Authority, there is a Triple Threat match to be had.


There are so many ways that this could go though, whether it be a battle against Reigns, Kane (worst case scenario, as he refuses to disappear), and assuming he resurfaces, Daniel Bryan could head straight for Wyatt to bring an end to their feud. However, by this point, Wyatt might have a sealed enough reputation that that loss, resuming the Bryan/Wyatt feud wouldn’t be a great loss, and could be an amazing welcome back for Bryan. After all, Bryan’s brief affiliation with the Wyatts was arguably instrumental in the massive rise of Bryan. It made Bryan look much more powerful to have overcome such a demon. Him leaving the Wyatts was a big deal.

Sure, it’s all ridiculous, but such a spark by Wyatt should not write anybody off at all, assuming managed properly, wouldn’t necessarily mean total domination from Wyatt – just a relative sense of power that didn’t even require headlining matches against the A-Listers. It involves the entire Authority, and subsequently anybody who stands against the Authority, albeit not consciously. It just leaves the Authority weakened enough to give rise to lots of talent.

And to think that Wyatt was the key to beginning this chain of events, even if he drifts away to another plot later on, he would have made his mark enough that even a big loss still wouldn’t doom him. 


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