RIP Critical Wave (2012-2014)

Picture 55

Yesterday, Critical Wave founder and friend of mine Sam Elliot posted a link to the site on Facebook, with the label ‘the best underground experience in the world, ever’. I jovially replied ‘a bold statement, but not unfounded!’, which Sam liked.

However, the ‘long live the Wave’ attitude plummeted once I clicked the link, and I realised what he was drawing attention to. Sadly, after a fantastic run, the Hampshire-based student founded music site Critical Wave was to be no more.

Picture 42

I met Sam and the Toms at Southampton Solent University, who were all not only brilliant at creating, and running a music website (not many could convince bands to be interviewed in a bath) but expanding their brand into events also. There is a very noticeable ‘CWUK’ in the corner of the New Age Festival poster, which may well be the spectacular finale that the site deserves. In a strange flip of events, I even interviewed Tom Yeo for SMILEcast 2013, covering the Critical Wave event and the bands who were under his wing that night. (CHECK THAT OUT HERE)

Very special thanks go to founders Sam Elliot, Tom Mitchell and Tom Yeo for providing a platform for many opportunities over the last couple of years, without whom many of my early springboard interviews could never have happened, and best of luck to everyone who was involved.

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