Interview: Fresh Legs

Photo 391Now here is a blast from the past. From 2006-2009 I wrote the music column in South Downs College magazine. They were torn between calling it Vibe or Pulse. Either way, they sound like products you might find at Ann Summers. After I made a lecturer cry when I explained the illness related woes of school, after she asked whether I would write a column on how I got on with my life, it was decided that it would be music from then on. This was perhaps my first taster of music journalism. Pitched by myself, and entitled ‘South Downs Musical Showcase’ (a title that I’m still ashamed of), it was my job to profile and interview bands attached to the bands (read ‘comprised of students’). 

Today I stumbled upon the January 2008 issue. This was the entry profiling Fresh Legs.

If there is one musical act in the College to label ‘a big success story’, this band may just qualify. Fresh Legs is a Portsmouth-based rock foursome, who in their short existence, have gone a long way.

Lead singer Ella Sullivan takes us through their very brief history. “We all met at South Downs College. We were just doing covers as part of a music course. Then one day we just thought ‘Let’s start writing our own stuff.’ None of us had been in a proper band before, so it was all rather exciting.” The band’s material has been influenced by rock acts Kings of Leon and The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, after extensive rehearsals of their music in the College studio.

Yet already, they have been recognised by many publications, most notably Portsmouth’s ‘The News’, who awarded the band with the prestigious Best Band title. At the ceremony, Fresh Legs performed to a monstrous crowd, filling Southsea’s Kings Theatre. “The Guide Awards was also something we are very proud of. It feels bizarre for us to be so warmly accepted! Playing at the Kings theatre was an amazing experience – a very bizarre and aesthetic set.”

The critical acclaim hasn’t stopped here either, with Fresh Legs receiving a nomination in NME’s BReaking Bands, after playing just four gigs. On top of this, Fresh Legs have attracted attention from several other bands, having been given the privilege of supporting the critically acclaimed The Maccabees. Ella says that this was the moment that they could be sparking a music sensation. “Being asked to be the main support for The Maccabees was probably the biggest achievement in our eyes. We had all been listening to them way before they were big, so were amazed when asked to support them.”

And the Fresh Legs snowball is rolling further, as Ella sets her sights on the future. “We have been approached by several labels with regards to single deals, and we have chosen the one we feel we are best suited to. All will be revealed after the New Year but a single should be expected around May time.”

Internet user reviews have praised everything from their genre-bending tunes (‘It does exactly what it says on the tin, fresh’ – MrPaul), to aural and visual onstage eroticism (‘filthy female fronted passionate, raw raucousness!’ – Chris1013). TFresh Legs have something for everyone, whether you enjoy your hard rock music, or simply ogling at the performers.

Taking note of the success that The Maccabees have had, we can expect to hear a lot more from the fresh four. “In the future, you can expect a warmer climate and some fresher legs!”

Should we have been discussing ‘eroticism’ at the time? Probably not. Oh well.



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