Forsaken Bunny, Live (25th August 2005)

A while ago, I uploaded a video of myself and fellow students performing music as a music performance student in 2009. However, my passion for performance dates back much further. On the 25th August 2005, three musicians unleashed a racket upon Portsmouth University’s Student Union. We were FORSAKEN BUNNY.

Alongside three other teenage acts, including A.W.A.L (A Weekend at Lester’s) and headliners Spurjj, we performed at a local band night. This would be our only concert.

(video here soon)

I was very disappointed to find that only these six minutes, out of the 30-40 minutes that we performed for, were recorded. And to top this off, half of the recording has no image. This was because, despite her splashing out on a flashy new camcorder with a screen, my mother somehow failed to notice that the lens cap was on. I was furious. I will never forgive her. Since then, she has become accustomed to me reminding her of this instance at every opportunity possible. Almost a decade on, I’m still annoyed, but this clip will have to do.

Snippets of tracks featured in the clip are:

  • Untitled: The final song that we ever wrote. We didn’t stay together long enough for this to ever get a title.
  • Granted: The funkiest track coined by Toby.
  • In Your World: A cover of Muse’s 2002 single, and the only song that got vocals, as Jon Youell of Spurjj stepped up to help.
  • Surf Song/Daisy Chains: If I can remember correctly, this riff was written by Toby before we even formed the band, giving for this to be the only song to have complete lyrics (but nobody to sing them).
  • Can’t Take My Eyes Off You: Muse’s version of the Frankie Valli classic. It was a B-Side so I imagine that there were few enough who new that Muse did it first, for us to get away with it. There was a hell of a singalong for an instrumental.
  • Sunset: This was probably the magnum opus of the oeuvre, and was also our longest at a spectacular five minutes. It had a great, unfinished atmospheric coda that we never got to record. Inevitably name-dropping Muse again, this was going to be our Citizen Erased.

I can recall that there was quite a worry about this show, as previous bassist Shelley left a few weeks beforehand, having realised that our music wasn’t heavy enough for her liking. Replacement Laura didn’t have long to learn the songs, but did a brilliant job!

We had 12 songs, excluding a couple of covers, assuming that you can call instrumentals ‘songs’, as we never acquired a vocalist. Actually, that technically untrue. We had a female singer for about two rehearsals, before I never saw her again, and whose name I can’t even remember.

As for the stupid band name, it was the result of a band name generator, created at last minute as those putting on the concert wanted to design a poster. We knew it was daft, and I think we had every intention of changing it after the gig before our non-existent path to stardom.


Track names were compiled from bad in-jokes such as ‘Beep’, which was named after a half-bat-half-sheep picture that Toby drew. And might I add, we got to ‘Beep’ before The Pussycat Dolls. The final track of a prototype EP was ironically entitled ‘The Beginning’. Hurr. See what we did there? ‘Xanthophobia’ was the result of myself suggesting that our heaviest track in a while were named after a phobia. Toby suggested xanthophobia. Everything is cooler with an ‘X’ in it. Shame that it turns out that that is the irrational fear of the colour yellow, which lent its concept to this intricate demo album artwork…

Forsaken Bunny 3
1. Xanthophobia, 2. Granted, 3. Corrupt, 4. Sunset, 5. Padded Cell, 6. Accident, 7. Tsunami, 8. The Beginning, 9. *Beep*, 10. Mademoiselle

That’s an album’s worth right there, and I would have loved to have completed it and carried on. However, aged 15, the dream ended when a band member was mean enough to get a life, and a girlfriend, and start another band. No fair. Perhaps I should nag the others into making a tenth anniversary concert on 25/08/2015 happen!

In essence, the music lives on as it provided audio beds for SMILEcast 2013, eight years since they were recorded.

Though for the time being, and I imagine forever… RIP Forsaken Bunny (2004-2006)


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