Review: Wasted Potential – Wasted Potential EP


The name ‘Wasted Potential’, portrays images of therapeutic seminars. Take Alcoholics Anonymous for example. A circle of heavily intoxicated victims, washing their days away with the umpteenth drink of the night, groaning about how they must pull themselves together. The Wasted Potential EP however is nowhere near to a winge about all that could have been, but is a bold flip-off at aspirations – looking back to consider how they could have taken over the world, but they are having so much fun… why should they even bother?

Wasted Potential have decided not to bother with build-ups or introductions across its six tracks, choosing to drop listeners into verse number one. Six tracks or not, Wasted Potential seemed not to bother heading to Google to find out what ‘EP’ stands for. While ‘E’ may stands for ‘extended’, either way, Wasted Potential have decided not to bother to follow that instruction, as at eleven minutes, it is anything but extended.

This brief taster of hard, thrash party punk, is brilliant fun, but quickly, that moral of ‘why bother?’ sadly has an answer. Its bitesize tracks scream out (quite literally) for a second verse to give each track time for its own sound and personality, beyond titles ranging from ‘Urine Luck’ to ‘Pabst Smear’, both waiting to be the definitive collision of drunkenness of filth.

After all, this EP is as rough as one can be, to still be intelligible. They have decided not to bother with much substance, unless the substance happens to come in a pint glass, in which case, there is plenty. And in such a setting, it comes as no surprise that Wasted Potential certainly haven’t decided to bother to take themselves seriously. It is shameless fun, that ironically should learn to stand still for a little longer.


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