How do you call your lecturer the C-Word and get away with it? Study music.

I guess my day had been so good that I kept a diary entry of it. I apparently posted about a day at college on Facebook in 2009. I am not sure why. Something to do with the fact that for some reason, no matter what chaos students were causing, the lecturers just couldn’t care less.

What a strange and nice day. I doubt you’ll read it, but here it is.

I get to college 15 minutes late to find some of my group outside the room. Apparently our lecturer isn’t here and another class is there. No research lesson! Hooray! Well, until one of us poked out head in and it turned out that a couple of people from our group AND the lecturer was there. He didn’t care. SUCCESS

“Nick!” Oh shit, she wants to discuss my incomplete research project draft. She liked it, wasn’t very critical, but gave me pointers. She was really jolly and I thought she was going to vocally tear me to shreds. But no. SUCCESS

Music Business and the Entrepreneur. It’s the dullest lesson of all. We had to put together a wall display that shows money flow in the music industry, after the giant Maria Callas poster was vandalized with a big black star over her eye, and so she looked like Paul Stanley from KISS (NOTE: I really wish I had a picture of this). The red background paper was put up. Before we started, we cut out letters on headlines from article printouts to create a ransom note like message. ‘HE WHO READS THIS IS A CUNT’. We slipped it behind the background so that when the display is removed it is discovered. We then threw highlighters around for over an hour and made stickers. After someone attempted to put one on my bag without me noticing, and I noticed. The joke was making it look like I was a fan of an embarrassing band. “You should get it as a tattoo Nick!” I now have SPANDAU BALLET written in big capital letters up my arm with a blue highlighter.

The lecturer, he didn’t seem to care. What have they been smoking? SUCCESS

(NOTE: I wouldn’t be surprised if it were still there.)

Rehearsals. It ran as usual. We start a song, have an epic argument and eventually it gets finished. Today it was Go Your Own Way by Fleetwood Mac. Our lecturer for Friday rehearsals had gone to get chord sheets for own next song. He then came back twenty minutes later. “Does anyone want a cup of tea?” What the hell? We agreed and he bought us all cups of tea. Thanks Gary.

And the song that he got the chord sheets for? Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley. We have complied and decided we will do it. A nice cup of tea and a Rickroll. Nice. SUCCESS

(NOTE: Five years on, I can confirm that we sadly did not pursue this.)

At drum workshop I got my assessment results back, which I thought would be terrible, but turned out to be great. Degree levels drums can’t be a bad thing. We all sat down and played a Tihai, and talked about Moongel. SUCCESS

I think the weather must have lifted everyone’s spirits after a dull and cold few months.


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