SMILEcast 2013: The Lost Episode 6?

(For more information on SMILEcast 2013 and to listed to the original episodes 1-5, click here)

After all this time, is this the mythical sixth episode of SMILEcast 2013? Yes and no.

There was never a solid plan for creating the episodes, and the project was by no means a failure for not consisting of six episodes. One episode per weekday was always the plan, but the possibility of an Episode 6 was left open. It would have functioned as a discussion of the previous week, as a bonus finale. This rode upon whether an interview with Jon McClure, frontman of SMILEfest headliners Reverend and the Makers.

The episode would have been featured myself, alongside other shattered crew members discussing the last few days with Rebecca Rayner and Andrew Yates, playing clips that were recorded, but removed from previous episodes (several interviews were heavily cut, with removed content made available to the official SMILEfest 2013 website and Radio Sonar) under the guise of being crew members’ favourite moments. This episode contains the remainders of interviews with:

  • New Riot (3’50”)
  • The Kaleurs (9’20”)
  • Les Buckingham (14’20”)
  • Skymarshal (18’00”)

Sadly, a couple of interviews that were planned don’t feature here, (Gnarwolves and Sons & Lovers) have since been lost. However, I couldn’t resist including the segment of our reflective chat in which Rebecca discusses what she got up to at UNIT, the venue at which the Sons & Lovers performance took place.

Also included is an interview with Les Buckingham, who arranged a ‘Vinyl Memories’ exhibition, which opened during SMILEfest. As it continued for several weeks after SMILEfest, this was planned to feature in the last conventional episode, but was shelved after Episode 5 became a ‘Conference Special’ and was already the longest of the series.

We also toyed with reflecting upon the presenters’ funniest moments. While there was a huge amount of unused silliness from Rebecca and Andrew, and there was even a point at which they gave up when giving the giggles, with Rebecca suggesting that there should be a montage of them. I did try, but a surge of lots of tiny clips weren’t nearly as effective as they would be in video.

Unfortunately, the Jon McClure interview did not take place, and therefore the possibilities of a professional sounding finale episode fizzled out. However, a year on, I have discovered the ‘Episode 6’ folder on my computer, consisting of the removed band interviews and prepared recordings of Rebecca and Andrew, ready to use had the interview taken place.

As the buzz rises around SMILEfest 2014, I could not resist compiling these segments, albeit rather poorly, to create what isn’t so much an Episode 6, but more a collection of outtakes. It’s the amateur sounding episode that we wanted to avoid. Now, without threat of a poor grade from lecturers, here it is!

Still, it’s great for the recordings to finally be available, and to give SMILEcast 2013 an (almost) proper send off, and giving credit to those involved in the production.


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