Rediscovering one of the weirdest things I’ve ever written…

From 2006-2008, I took an English Language A-Level at South Downs College. Most memorably, this would lead me to recycle the research and write a song that used the word ‘cunt’ 77 times for Music Performance (for which I got a distinction). However, even recalling those filthy events doesn’t explain this.

After a clear out, I found some notes, presumably from 2007. Does anyone want to guess what we were studying, because I haven’t a clue…

“It is appealing because it is exciting, and will get you a good shag from limbless patients.”

“Young women (Girly pink and female pictured, it is also featured in a publication aimed at females – Cosmopolitan, a glamour magazine, thus being a glamorous career (context))
Sluts – (‘had lunch with Tony (cute)’)
Friendly – (‘helped Steven to walk for the first time in weeks)

First names add to social ability. They are all male, you’re in there!”

A: Barbie
B: Nurse
C: Bilbao brochure
D: Green Party
E: How to use a condom
F: Crime reduction tips
G: “Q is for quitting”
H: Cystitis


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