Interview: Lonely the Brave

Lonely The Brave have no reason to be lonely when Nick Pollard grabs a chat with the band’s drummer Gavin ‘Mo’ Edgeley in Portsmouth.

That is a horrifying pun coined by whoever uploaded the following interview, conducted by myself, on behalf of CRITICAL WAVE.


Lonely the Brave formed from the ashes of several other Cambridge bands. Was it a conscious decision to form a supergroup?

It just sort of happened. The Cambridge music scene being really incestuous and stuff like that, we were just in the right place at the right time, so it seems. There was never really any agenda. It was bizarre. We just came together, and merged into Lonely The Brave!

…Incestuous? Ew.

Yeah! Cambridge has a really small music scene anyway. Everybody knows everybody, if you know what I mean!

I understand that Zane Lowe has had a really soft spot for you…

Yeah, that was completely amazing. We didn’t expect anything like that. It was pretty much out of the blue. If there is anybody who is going to play your music and push you a little bit, then Zane Lowe is the kind of guy to do it.

Have you received compliments from anybody else who have really surprised you?

I think Andy Copping from Live Nation. He’s been interested in us since hearing our demo. And promotion-wise, it doesn’t get much bigger than Andy Copping and Live Nation. He is a lovely guy. I don’t think they come much nicer than him. But there’s been loads of people. The aforementioned Zane Lowe, and Daniel P Carter has been really good to us as well. Lots of people from Radio 1. That’s just a big honour for us.

After so much attention and praise, have you felt under pressure when making your upcoming debut album?

Not from our band, I wouldn’t say. If you’re inside a band, I don’t think you need to notice it. We just take every day as it comes, get our heads down and see what happens. I wouldn’t knock it really. Our band doesn’t really worry about the hype. We do what we do and see what happens.

What is the strangest description that you have heard or read about your music?

Ha ha! Here’s a good one. You’ll like this. We played a show a couple of tours back with a band called Zico Chain, who are good friends of ours, and there were lots of Iron Maiden fans and metalheads there. I was in the toilet after we played, and a guy came up and said ‘did you hear that band?’ and I knew he was talking about our band. I said‘yeah, yeah’, and he said ‘they were like a fucking emo Nickelback’. Then we had a five or ten minute conversation where he was just completely slagging my band off! To my face! I just went along with it, but I did tell him in the end and we laughed about it. You can’t get wound up about those things. So yeah, we were called an ‘emo Nickelback’. There’s a first time for anything!

You released your latest single ‘Trick of the Light’ just the other day. Is it a standalone thing, or part of something bigger?

I think it works well within the confines of the album. It flows pretty well. When you hear it you’ll understand what ‘Trick of the Light’ is all about. We’re still waiting to find out ourselves when it will come out. It’s been finished for a while now. It’s all done. We’re hoping in the early summer.

The single’s video was revealed just last week (and can be found on YouTube). Lonely the Brave don’t appear in it. Are you hiding?

It’s because we’re all so horrendously ugly! The thing with videos is that when we started this band and the option of making videos came up, we were adamant that we didn’t want any sort of live based videos where you’re all just in a room playing it to a couple of cameras. Nothing performance based. I think all that’s kind of dead, so we tried to go for something a little bit different, and the guy who made the video did a pretty good job of making something slightly different. We weren’t in it, but that’s not to say we won’t be in any in the future. We’ll have to see about that.

And it’s only been lyric videos as of yet too.

Yeah, we’ve got a couple out already and I think there might be another one or two more coming. That just seems like the way forward at the moment.

Now… you were lucky enough to support Deftones last year…

Yeah, we opened for them in Paris (Le Zenith).

How was that?

Surreal! I still can’t put it into words how I felt when I found out. Just… ‘you’re joking, right?. I’ve loved that band for 15 years. It was just like ‘do you wanna do it?’… ‘yeah, we’d love to’. We went over there met them all, had beers with them afterwards and stuff like that. I would go as far as to say that they’re pretty much our idols, and to meet them all and for them to be really sweet and accommodating, was really great and refreshing. They’re top guys, they really are.

I’ve been told that one of you has a tattoo of their lyrics…

Yeah, I do! I’ve got some lyrics wrapped around my arm, from ‘Anniversary of an Uninteresting Event’ on their self-titled album. I just like that song. I think it’s really sweet. I didn’t actually tell them though! I think I was a little too starstruck and in awe. Some of our fans have had our lyrics tattooed on them and stuff like that. When people say things like those things to us, it’s a real honour and a compliment.

Speaking of your ventures abroad, are there any places that stand out that you would like to play?

We’ve just come back from a short stint in Holland and in France again. We definitely want to see more of Europe, which hopefully we’re gonna be doing later this year. I’d love to go to America. I’ve never been to America, so if we ever get the opportunity to do any shows over there, then that would be amazing. I like junk food as well.

And you couldn’t turn to a better place for that.

No, I don’t think I could! I’ve heard a lot about Denny’s.

I’ve been, and there is no better resource for unhealthy breakfasts. They do good pancakes as well.

Aw. With maple syrup and ice cream? That’s what we like!

Pushing on with the silliness, who should play you in a biopic?

I’m going to have to go with the guy who does The Wrestler.

Mickey Rourke?

Yeah, I’ll go with him. He looks like a wrestler on the outside but is having a breakdown on the inside. I’ll have to go with him.

I shall leave you with a blank canvas, so is there anymore that you would like to plug or preach to Critical Wave readers?

We’ve got an EP out – Backroads EP. We have a new single out too – Trick of the Light. There’s a video for that on YouTube. Blah blah. Exercise more and don’t smoke.

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